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Invincible Iron Man #235: Review

Oct 1988
David Michelinie, Jackson Guice

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Epitaph in Grey

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #235 Review by (June 20, 2017)
Comments: Part one of two parts. There's a joke about Alan Alda, in 1988 the epitome of the sensitive man.

Review: A highly entertaining issue though the cover promises to include more action than it delivers—but hey, that's how to sell comic books. Shellhead testing the new security system, irrelevant to the plot, supplies the only action scene and it looks spectacular on the printed page. The rest of it plays out like a simple whodunit and we all knew there was something fishy about Paul St. Pierre—he couldn't be taken for granite. Bad pun but cool issue. And we also already know that Kathy Dare is going to be trouble....


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #235 Synopsis by T Vernon
James Rhodes and Marcy Pearson attend a showing of works by artist Paul St. Pierre who is known for his realistic sculptures of terrified women. Marcy is impressed but also a bit unnerved that one of the statues resembles a friend of hers....

Meanwhile, Tony Stark is examining the Paul St. Pierre sculptures at the home of his lady friend Rae Lacoste and he doesn't care for them. Soon Tony is picked up by Rhodey in his helicopter and taken back to work. He learns he has been getting calls from Kathy Dare whom he saw only last evening. Arriving at home, he is met by an exuberant Kathy Dare; Tony finds he has been sent a St. Pierre statue by Rae and when Kathy learns Tony's friend is a woman, she gets all jealous and stalks out....

At home, Marcy can't stop thinking about her friend Cinda Kendrick, who the statue they saw earlier resembles. Marcy calls Cinda's work number and finds she has not been seen in weeks....

The next day, Iron Man is testing out Stark Enterprises' new security measures—energy bubbles, taser darts, knockout gas, sound cannons, tech-foam—and it all checks out. Tony learns from Rhodey that Marcy has taken emergency leave. It's to track down her missing friend: Marcy goes to Cinda's house and discovers that investigative journalist Cinda was looking into several missing persons cases that have a connection to Paul St. Pierre....

That evening in San Diego, Tony escorts Rae to a party at the home of Paul St. Pierre; Marcy shows up too and sneaks out to examine St. Pierre's studio. She finds the place empty—and is cornered by St. Pierre, who reveals himself to be the Grey Gargoyle, intent on making her another stone statue....

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Jackson Guice
Bob Layton
Bob Sharen
Bob Layton (Cover Penciler)
Jackson Guice (Cover Inker)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
James Rhodes
James Rhodes


Plus: Kathy Dare, Marcy Pearson, Mrs. Arbogast, Rae LaCoste.

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