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Dec 2008
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3 stars

Iron Man/Hulk/Nick Fury #1 Review by (November 26, 2021)
Comments: First two stories originally published as Digital Comics Exclusives (Maybe the third too). All three stories tie in with MCU continuity. The second story features Kirby’s Bar, a nod to Hulk’s co-creator plus a reference to the TV series GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.

Review: Iron Man story features no Iron Man, largely being brief vignettes that occur at the beginning and end of the IRON MAN (2008) movie. The art is a bit wooden and the story not very interesting. The Hulk story fares a little better, more dynamic art, real drama and action and all. And it fits nicely behind the scenes of THE INCREDIBLE HULK (the movie). Nick Fury tale is a pretty conventional spy story, helped by its brevity. Again, the art is not great but it gets the job done. Okay compilation of unrelated stories but nothing remarkable.


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Iron Man/Hulk/Nick Fury #1 Synopsis by T Vernon
“Iron Man: Fast Friends”

Writer: Paul Tobin. Pencils: Ronan Cliquet. Colors: Chris Sotomayor. Letters: Nate Piekos.

Part one: The Iron: Tony Stark is scheduled to demonstrate a new weapon but his pal James Rhodes tries to convince him he does not need to make a personal appearance in Afghanistan. Tony leaves Pepper Potts to give the details to the Generals while he talks Rhodey into visiting a nightclub. There, Tony blows off any serious talk about the dangers while he flirts with two attractive women he’s picked up, even giving away military secrets. A jealous guy whose girl was stolen by Tony punches him, leading to Rhodey fighting the guy and still vainly trying to convince him to stay out of Afghanistan….

Part two: Keep This Quiet: After Tony Stark has donned the Iron Man armor and defeated Obadiah Stane in the bigger armor, Tony and Rhodey are brought to a secret installation where Phil Coulson gives them a tour of the new SHIELD headquarters. SHIELD has worked out an elaborate protocol for Tony working with them as Iron Man, which, Coulson stresses, will only work if Tony keeps his dual identity secret. So, of course at the next press conference, Tony proclaims, “I am Iron Man”….

“Incredible Hulk: The Fury Files”

Writer: Frank Tieri. Art: Salva Espin. Colors: Guru eFX  & Chris Sotomayor. Letters: Nate Piekos.

A disguised Nick Fury sits with Bruce Banner in a bar, hoping to check him out as a possible super-soldier. They chat about sports and Bruce goes to leave; Agent Daisy Johnson flirts with him and Agent Peterson plays the jealous boyfriend to pick a fight with Bruce to see what happens. What happens is Bruce turns into the Hulk and threatens to wreck the place. Fury talks him out of destruction so Hulk just roars in his face, smashes through a wall, and heads off into the night…..

At a SHIELD meeting later, Fury informs the team that Banner is not the super-soldier they are looking for and leaves him to be General Ross’ problem….

“Nick Fury: Spies Like Us”

Writer: Joe Caramagna. Art: Hugo Petras. Colors: Chris Sotomayor. Letters: Rus Wooton.

Synopsis: Toward the end of the Cold War, Nick Fury and Agent Escobar are in Budapest, looking for a Soviet agent named Verliecki. At a bar, Fury scares a local into giving him an address; they go there and break in but Verliecki is waiting for them and there is a big fight over a briefcase full of secrets. With the enemy agent overcome, Escobar draws his gun on Fury, hoping to sell the briefcase to the Soviets and disappear with the money. Verliecki thumps him on the head and he is left for the KGB with false ID claiming he is Nick Fury. It was all a ruse to get Escobar the mole to reveal himself. Fury heads home to celebrate with Dum Dum Dugan and the gang….

Iron Man/Hulk/Nick Fury #1 cover

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Dave Bullock (Cover Penciler)
Steve Lieber (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: ?.
Editor: Nathan Cosby. Editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts

(Pepper Hogan)
Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson

War Machine
War Machine

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Plus: Nick Fury of MCU (Nick Fury), Quake (Daisy Johnson).

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