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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #13: Review

Feb 1979
Doug Moench, Ron Wilson

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Season of Terror

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3 stars


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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #13 Synopsis by Richard Sheehan
Bruce Banner is walking through Chicago in the pouring rain when he sees a headline on a newspaper. On it is a report of a Nobel Prize winning scientist who claims to have found a way of removing the effects of radiation from living organisms. He wonders whether this could be an answer to his problem and buys a copy of the newspaper. We then move on to Bruce booking a flight to Zurich, Switzerland. On the plane he starts chatting to Mildred Shaw, who's also off to Switzerland for some special treatment of her cancer. On the stopover at Frankfurt, several suspicious looking passengers board the plane and Bruce's imagination began to get the better of him as he imagined he heard them conspiring. Soon though his suspicions prove correct. The female passenger went to the toilet and on her return grabbed one of the hostesses and announced that her and her accomplices were hijacking the plane. They manage to get into the cockpit and instruct the captain not to use the radio and to let them into the cargo deck so they could get their weapons. Bruce was trying desperately not to get too tense and Mildred was trying to reassure him, mistakenly thinking he was worried about the hijacking. On returning from the cargo deck, fully armed, they knock out one of the co-pilots and the pilot attempts to radio out. He and the other co-pilot are shot and the plane goes into a dive. As the tension mounts Bruce can take it no more and he transforms into the Hulk! The Hulk soon decides that he doesn't like it where he is and jumps through the hull of the plane. Surprised that he's way up in the sky he lands on the nearest mountain just in time to realise that the plane he just left is about to hit him. He leaps up and grabs hold of the nose of the plane and manages to divert it from a catastrophy. The plane then crashes into woodland and the Hulk has a look inside the plane. Everyone is motionless so he decides to leave. On the plane, survivors start to wake. One tries to grab a gun but is stopped by one of the hijackers. The rest of the passengers then sort out the dead, injured and the unharmed. Mildred has an argument with the hijackers after suggesting that someone should go for help as they are all victims now but the female hijacker disagrees and hits her to the floor. A little way away, Bruce Banner is waking up and decides to go and see if he can help anyone on the plane. After their initial suspicions, the hijackers agree. While treating the passengers he meets Mildred again. She says she's ok but that Bruce should treat one of the hijackers as he was in more trouble than she was. After treating his wound Bruce gets into an argument about the hijackers motives with the female hijacker. Later, Mildred talks to Bruce, telling him that she's heard planes overhead searching for them. She tells him that someone needs to get away to raise help and then she promptly walks off into the woods. The female hijacker sees her and shoots her. Bruce runs to her aid but it's too late and she dies in front of him. It's too much for Bruce and he turns into the Hulk. The hijackers try to shoot him but it has no effect except to turn the Hulk's anger on them. The female hijacker try's to kill Hulk with explosives but is unsuccessful and Hulk knocks her out. He then turns back to Mildred and remembers something she said about getting the plane out into the open. First he uses one of the plane wings as a massive scythe to clear some of the trees. Then he tells the remaining passengers to get into the plane. He then carries the plane to the top of the mountain so that it can be seen. The passengers try to thank him but Hulk leaves saying he doesn't want their thanks and is going to see Mildred to tell her what he's done. The plane then gets spotted and a rescue party arrives. A little while later Bruce turns up carrying Mildred's body and tells the rescuers that her last wish was to go home.

Ron Wilson
Bob McLeod
Earl Norem (Cover Penciler)

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