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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #19: Review

Feb 1980
Doug Moench, Gene Colan

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3 stars

Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #19 Review by (February 15, 2010)
This comic includes a reprint of "Heaven is a Very Small Place" from TIH Vol.2 #147


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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #19 Synopsis by Will Pilgrim
Master Mind
Doug Moench - Gene Colan - Alfredo Alcala

Inside a lecture hall in Manhattan, Shelia Marks gives a lecture on the biology of multiple personality disorder, and a theoretical treatment of isolating the personalities through use of electrical stimulation in the area of the brain that controls the disorder. The sparse members of the audience walk out unaffected, except Bruce Banner. He approaches her outside, and explains to her about his "other personality." She reminds him that her process is theoretical and there would be a high level of risk, which Banner is more than aware of. He recommends that they talk over dinner and she agrees. That evening, over the course of their meal, Sheila explains her recent doubts about her work and Banner explains that giving up is not an option for him.

After a night of fitful sleep (and a dream where the Hulk threatens to destroy Banner, but is banished by a mysterious "Death Lady" whom resembles Sheila), Banner and Sheila proceed with the experiment. Sheila connects Banner to an electrical "crown" and turns the dial so that small electrical impulses are fed into Banner's brain. After multiple tries and no response, Sheila turns the dial as far as it can go and accesses Banner's subconscious. His body convulses and in his mind, he transforms into the Hulk. He slaps Sheila down and escapes while she lies dazed. Outside, Banner goes on a rampage thinking he is the Hulk, and Sheila chases after in an effort to stop him. Banner makes way to the subway tunnel and Sheila loses him when he sprints down the subway tunnel tracks. A police officer goes in after him and Banner, in a rage, attacks him into submission. Sheila arrives to find the unconscious police officer in the way of an on-coming train. She drags him to safety and picks up Banner's trail which has led to the top of a large cathedral.

As a fire truck extends its ladder and the firefighters assemble the net, Sheila runs up the ladder to confront Banner. She explains that her experiment failed, when in actuality, it did not (the device successfully isolated the "Hulk" personality), and pulls the crown off of Banner's head and he blinks into realization. When he looks down at the city far-below, Banner instinctually morphs into the Hulk and then leaps away. Later on, Sheila explains to the police that she had no idea who the man was, and even though she failed in her promise to cure Banner, she is finally convinced in her research, and decides to continue her theory in spite of her earlier doubts.

It's a Monster
Doug Moench - Gene Colan - Bob Wiacek
During "Nostalgia Week," an elderly man celebrates the anniversary of his setting of the world record for flagpole-sitting by returning to the top of a flagpole once more. He reflects on the changing times and how no one seems to have a moment to recognize the silliness of an old man sitting up in the sky. Meanwhile, the Hulk is being harassed by people who are shouting, "It's a monster!" every which way he turns. Hulk rampages through the city in frustration and ends up at the flagpole where the old man sits. He looks up and smiles at the silly old man up in the sky and walks on, only to continue to be harassed. An officer on patrol yells out, "It's a monster!" but the old man on the flagpole, with a tear in his eye, appreciatively comments, "A monster? Not where I'm sitting."

Gene Colan
Alfredo Alcala
Steve Oliff
Walter Velez (Cover Penciler)

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