What If? Planet Hulk #1: Review

Dec 2007
Greg Pak, Leonard Kirk

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What If the Hulk Died and Caiera Lived?

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4 stars

What If? Planet Hulk #1 Review by (March 8, 2022)
Review and Comments by Peter Silvestro:

Review: Unhappy ending, happy ending, scattershot humor. Another fine What if? issue to add some added interest to the originals. The second tale is nicest because it brings some order out of chaos and it bucks the What If trend of making the alternate histories much darker and grimmer than the originals.

Comments: The first story includes Iron Man, Sentry, Reed Richards, Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Storm, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, She-Hulk, Doc Samson, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Ares, Spider-Woman as heroes, with a brief appearance by Skaar. Second story has brief appearances by Iron Man, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, and Black Bolt. Third story kills off Reed Richards, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Bolt, and Hawkeye.


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What If? Planet Hulk #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Instead of the ship explosion killing everyone but Hulk, he chose to hurl away Caiera and she survived while the explosion killed him. She goes to Earth for vengeance, kills most of the superheroes facing her, enslaves the rest, and forces them to spend decades building a massive statue of the Hulk from which she rules the Earth.

“What If the Hulk Landed on the Peaceful Planet That Reed Richards Promised?”
Writer: Greg Pak. Pencils: Rafa Sandoval. Inks: Gary Erskine. Colors: Guru-eFX. Letters: Joe Caramagna.
Synopsis: Hulk lands on the peaceful planet and gets acclimated. He turns back into Bruce Banner and builds a shelter; when he kills an animal for food, he Hulks out and destroys the shelter. Banner builds a catapult to hurl Hulk into a mountain. They fight back and forth until they decide to divide the land into separate domains. Banner discovers Hulk has created a peaceful valley where giant statues scare off predators and Banner settles there. Millennia later, the small animals have evolved into human-like creatures who have legends about the Hulk as their race’s protector but we see he’s still there, watching over the creatures.

“What If Bruce Banner Had Landed on Sakaar Instead of the Hulk?”
Writer: Greg Pak. Art: Fred Hembeck. Colors: J. Brown. Letters: Joe Caramagna.
Synopsis: The ship lands on Sakaar and Hulk, thinking he’s finally found peace, turns back into Bruce Banner—and is immediately killed. Reed Richards goes to check up on him and he is instantly killed. Every subsequent hero landing on the planet in search of his predecessors is instantly killed. 


Story #2

What if the Hulk landed on the peaceful planet that Reed Richards promised?

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

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Leonard Kirk
Leonard Kirk
Moose Baumann
Carlo Pagulayan (Cover Penciler)
Carlo Pagulayan (Cover Inker)
Rain Beredo (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Caiera The Oldstrong)

(Bruce Banner)

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