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Toys R Us Exclusive Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity War Toys

March 2, 2018
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I am Groot, and you can be Thor, Rocket or Groot, too.

As informed by @mcucollector24 in his Instagram page, Toys R Us is releasing three EXCLUSIVE action figures from the 2018 Avengers: Infinity War movie!

Eye-patched Thor Odinson with Bifrost sword; gunslinger Rocket (Raccoon) with two pistols and a ray shotgun; or tablet-addicted teen Groot.

Ask a 4+ kid, or the kid inside of you, which is the favorite one.

These three dolls, by Hasbro, come packaged together in a Legends Series box.

As of this date, Toys R Us has not yet posted this item on their website. But the expected date of release is June 1, 2018. Check their website or visit one of their stores by then. And bring home not one, or two... Three legendary Marvel characters!

Note: Did you hear about Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy?! Sad, but true news... Read our article here.

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