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Another Fistful of Goodies!

December 2, 2021

The recent BLACK WIDOW (2020) #10: Natasha makes her final stand (for now) against the monstrous Apogee! Guest star: Kate Bishop as Hawkeye!

SECRET AVENGERS #32 wraps up the adventure in Bagalia with various heroes turning evil and fighting the good guys in total (but entertaining) chaos!

In TOMB OF DRACULA #61, Drac’s murdered son Janus returns from the dead—as an angelic adult on a mission to kill Dracula!

I AM AN AVENGER #3 puts the spotlight on Spider-Man and Nova, Justice and Firestar, Stingray, and the Hulk!

THOR #429! Thor versus Juggernaut! Ghost Rider vs. the Wrecking Crew! And a surprise villain at the end!


Refugees, movie stars and infinity warriors

November 29, 2021

Marvel's schedule chaos continues but at least ComicList now has an extended forecast for them again. Last week's issues were delayed to both this week and next, and this pattern is set to continue through December and the 1st week of January. The schedule appears to calm down a lot after that but I suspect this may be only because that's how far Marvel have announced changes.

Anyway, this week's 2 refugees I have to report on are:-

IRON MAN #14 spends most of the issue on Tony Stark's inner monologue as he transforms into Cosmic Iron Man, and at the end confronts the equally godlike Korvac.

I'm picking up the story of ex-Young Avenger and ex-West Coast Avenger Kate Bishop in HAWKEYE: KATE BISHOP #1 where her sister Susan asks her to investigate strange goings on at a health resort.

T Vernon's moved on to the IRON MAN/HULK/NICK FURY 1-shot with 3 stories set in the early Marvel Cinematic Universe.

My Infinity War #4 tie-ins end with MARC SPECTOR, MOON KNIGHT #42-43 where MK roams the multiverse as his Moon Shade Doppelganger kills off alternate-timeline Moon Knights, and then he returns just to fight other people's Dops.
I'll also mention QUASAR #39 which Peter synopsised in 2010 back when I 1st joined the band. Quasar prepares to use the Ultimate Nullifier.


A New Volume of HULK for a New Era!

November 25, 2021

We now have the latest HULK #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley that sees Hulk become a spacefarer! But first he must overcome Iron Man and all the resources of Stark Enterprises!

The “God of Hammers” arc begins in THOR #19 as the new All-Father tries to forestall a prophecy of his own death!

TOMB OF DRACULA #60 unleashes “The Wrath of Dracula!” It is a terrifying sight!

And SECRET AVENGERS #31, the Avengers are mind controlled by Taskmaster in Bagalia and the only heroes to stand against the tide are Venom and the Black Ant!

I AM AN AVENGER #2: this time around, Marvel’s anthology series features Steve Rogers, Justice and Firestar, Wolverine and Jarvis, and an Avengers picnic!


Dream lovers, clones and doppelgangers

November 22, 2021

The movable feast that is the current Marvel schedule has left me with no print issues to cover. So I'll slip in the HULKLING & WICCAN INFINITY COMIC #2-3 online issues from this week and last as the duo realise their dream lovers aren't real.

All I can glean from ComicList in GoCollect is the Marvel schedule for this week and next. They've stopped doing an extended forecast for Marvel so I don't know where some issues from these weeks have been delayed to. Marvel's February advanced solicitations reflects a bit of this chaos with some issues repeated from the January listing.

T Vernon finishes Iron Man Vs Whiplash with #4. The real bad guys behind the Iron Man clones turn out to be working for the US Government among others.

2 more Infinity Wars #4 tie-ins:-
In SILVER SABLE & THE WILD PACK #5 Silver fights a Doppelganger of Dr Doom, and the Pack fight a Dop of 1 of their own, Sandman.
And in MARC SPECTOR, MOON KNIGHT #41 MK tries and fails to stop his Dop gaining the power of Franklin Richards.


More Good Old Stuff!

November 18, 2021

While we’re waiting for the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA/IRON MAN and the new volume of HULK to arrive, here are some more classic comics from days gone by!

I AM AN AVENGER #1: Marvel’s anthology series showcasing various heroes and what it means to be an Avenger! This issue features the Young Avengers, Iron Fist, Squirrel Girl, and the Pet Avengers!

THOR #428 brings us a four-way war with Thor battling Excalibur and the cops of Code: Blue taking on the Wrecking Crew! Enchantress and Ulik are standing by to cause even greater confusion!

And SECRET AVENGERS #30 has the heroes going after the Crown of Wolves and Taskmaster has it!

TOMB OF DRACULA #59 sees the Satanist plot to assassinate Dracula finally reach its critical moment!

Last and maybe least is HULK: THE OFFICIAL MOVIE ADAPTATION! You remember Ang Lee’s Hulk film that it seems no one liked? Come see if the comic book version was any better! 


Repetition is the sincerest form of flattery

November 15, 2021

The Savage Avengers are still battling Kulan Gath in #26 and this time they throw everything at him including 2 Kang's. But he still wins (again). But there's also still 2 issues of this title to go.

The Eternals series resumes with #7. As Ikaris & co settle in with the Deviants, Thanos kills Zuras (again) and takes over as Prime Eternal. And Druig gets his reward.

In T Vernon's IRON MAN VS WHIPLASH #3 the 2 main chars clash. But the real villains have an army of Iron Man clones waiting in the wings.

Now it's time for some Infinity Wars #4 tie-ins:-
I've done ALPHA FLIGHT #111. While the main team are away in IW fighting the Infinity Watch and Doppelgangers, Gamma Flight in Toronto fight Firebug and Mad-Dog who are maddened by the Ska'r.
In WONDER MAN #14 Simon Williams fights Adam Warlock, and then Galactus shows him his past life which makes WM come to the conclusion that he's just a bunch of energy with Simon's memories.
And FANTASTIC FOUR #369 fits in here which Peter covered some years ago.


Coolest of the Cool!

November 11, 2021

One of the coolest things Marvel has done in the last year or so is MARVELS SNAPSHOTS, continuation of the classic MARVELS, each issue centered on a different hero or era. Today we have SUB-MARINER, where Namor is reunited with the All-Winners Squad (formerly the Invaders) against a Nazi menace in New Jersey!

And SECRET AVENGERS #29 has the team surrounded by baddies on a cool quest for the Serpent Crown!

THOR #427 has a lot of cool guest stars: Captain America, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Quasar, and Excalibur!

Dracula does not appear in TOMB OF DRACULA #58 but the vampire-hunters are faced with a new sort of vamp in a cool departure from the usual formula!

ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK #4 wraps up with a cool battle between Lyra and the Dark Avengers!


The Avengers get hit by Juggernauts and Iron Man suffers Whiplash.

November 8, 2021

All of the comics that arrived this week are issues delayed from previous weeks, and all this week's comics have been shunted to next week and next week's to the week after that. At the moment that's all that ComicList's extended forecast is reporting, but I don't know how long the effect will actually continue for.

1 of the delayed comics that showed up was DEATH OF DR STRANGE: AVENGERS where 4 Avengers, especially Iron Man, fight an invasion of Juggernauts from the Crimson Cosmos.

The online HULKLING & WICCAN INFINITY COMIC #1 was presumably unaffected by all this, as the ex-Young Avengers' marriage is tested by their 1st disagreement and a magic video game.

In T Vernon's IRON MAN VS WHIPLASH #2 Shellhead is imprisoned for a war crime but we learn that he didn't do it. However neither of these things deter Whiplash from trying to kill him.

It's now time for me to add tie-in issue summaries to INFINITY WAR #4 which Peter wrote up some years ago. In the issue itself the heroes decide to use both the Infinity Gauntlet and the Ultimate Nullifier against the Magus.


A Battle-Filled Set This Week!

November 4, 2021

The fairly recent BLACK WIDOW (2020) #9 has Natasha and her team—White Widow, Spider-Girl, and Lucy—preparing to assault the evil Apogee’s lair!

In DEFENDERS #50, it’s the non-team versus the new, improved Zodiac—to the finish! Plus, Judy Garland on the soundtrack!

TOMB OF DRACULA #57: it’s Dracula against his vampire-hunting foes with the Forever Man as a wild card!

ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK #3 sees Lyra taking on Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers!

THOR #426 gives us Thor versus Leir, Lord of Lightning, over the hand of Sif while the new Code Blue police unit battles the Wrecking Crew!