Comic Book: Free Comic Book Day 2021 Avengers/Hulk

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Prologue to a new story arc in AVENGERS (2018 series) and an intro to the new volume of Hulk.

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May 2021 (one-shot)

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Free Comic Book Day 2021 Avengers/Hulk #1
4 stars

Free Comic Book Day 2021 Avengers/Hulk #1

May 2021
"The Tower at the Center of Everything"
Script: Jason Aaron
Inside a black hole lies the God Quarry, location of Avengers Tower. Avenger Prime receives messages of a complete chronal collapse and dispatches his agents, all Deathloks, across the multiverse. One Deathlok is sent to Earth 10222 where Atlantis never sank and ushered in a golden age. [...]