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Abominations, The #2: Review

Jan 1997
Ivan Velez Jr., Angel Medina

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The Fading Dead

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2 stars

Abominations, The #2 Review by (November 8, 2023)

Review: See issue #1 for full review.

Comments: This world is dubbed Earth-9200. Scott Koblish contributed to the inking. Betty is about to deliver her baby without ever looking pregnant.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Abominations, The #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A band of refugees from the Abomination’s assault on Castle Maestro (Betty-6, Char, Cyberslik, Po, Sleek, Librito, Mok the War Dog, and two children Molly and Polly) materialize in modern-day East Village, in the middle of a confrontation between the local police and a band of homeless squatters. A cop fires a shot then the others start shooting. Po (big and strong) and Sleek (superfast) try to protect everyone with Mok the War Dog, which emits a stunning Sonic Bark. Sleek collects all of the cops’ weapons and hands them over to the squatters who use them to chase the cops off. Then they notice Char has been hit in the chest by a stray bullet as police reinforcements arrive and demand surrender….

In the future, Abomination has captured Janis Jones and has his psychic sidekick Kaspin torture her mentally to force her to reveal where the refugees have gone. Abom checks on Shulk and discovers she is awake—and threatening to kill him. But he wants her as his queen and says she will come around to the idea—or die. In the dungeon, the childlike Kaspin, aching in his conscience, sets Janis free and she escapes….

In the New York riot, the Abomination (Earth-616 version) rises from beneath the streets and the homeless hurl gas grenades and escape underground, the refugees from the future joining them….

In the future, Abomination punishes Kaspin for letting Janis escape and orders him to find her. But then a mercenary calling himself Quarry offers to eliminate all humans for the new regime. Abom gives him three hours to capture Janis Jones. Then Shulk punches Abomn’s lights out and takes Kaspin to lead her to Betty as Shulk doesn’t want there to be any Maestro offspring either. After a brief visit to the Rick Jones memorial, Shulk and Kaspin go to the time platform and travel back to the East Village where she is surrounded by armed police. She smiles….

Down in the sewers, Abomination rebukes his people for going to the surface. Char is dying, Betty goes into labor, and Po awakens, sees the Abomination, assumes he’s the one who caused all of their troubles, and attacks him….

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Angel Medina
Brad Vancata
Glynis Oliver
Angel Medina (Cover Penciler)
Brad Vancata (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jim Novak.


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(Emil Blonsky)

Plus: Abomination (Maestro world), Janis Jones.

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