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Abominations, The #3: Review

Feb 1997
Ivan Velez Jr., Angel Medina

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Blur of Time

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2 stars

Abominations, The #3 Review by (November 8, 2023)

Review: See issue #1 for full review.

Comments: This world is dubbed Earth-9200. The future Abomination is one of the only characters seen again, reappearing in MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX and MAESTRO: WORLD WAR M, both taking place before FUTURE IMPERFECT. The story of Janis Jones continues in INCREDIBLE HULK #443-458.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Abominations, The #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In the sewers, Po, mistaking the Abomination for the one from his future world, attacks him so Abom punches him back against a wall. Mok the War Dog unleashes his Sonic Bark against Abom who only gets angry. And the wounded Char dies. Meanwhile, on the streets above, Shulk is in pain as they are surrounded by police. Kaspin tells her Betty is under their feet so Shulk tears into the ground and they get away….

In the future, Captain Agarn’s right-hand woman Unit is captured and brought before the future Abomination. She tries to talk her way out of being eaten and mentions she is an expert at cybernetic extensions. Abom is interested….

Mercenary Quarry pursues Janis Jones through the castle sewers and she plans to circle back to the time platform, head to the 20th century and bring back Hulk….

In the present sewers, Betty goes into labor (despite never looking pregnant) while Abomination fights with Po and Sleek. Cyberslik panics and tries to escape, running into Shulk. She wants to know where Betty is so Cyberslik tells her; realizing she means to harm the girl, CS draws his gun and shoots Shulk in the back—which only makes her angry. Abom subdues Po and Sleek and turns to face Shulk who recognizes him as Emil Blonsky. CS warns them the interloper is out to kill Betty. Abomination says she is under his protection. Shulk is ready to dispute the point….

In the future, Janis returns to the time platform and discovers the coordinates have been tampered with—Quarry leaps at her and they both vanish into the timestream….

In the future, Abomination is impressed with the cybernetic arm and eye Unit has built for him. Despite knowing that Janis and Shulk and many others have escaped into the past via the time platform, Abomination destroys it, saying the past is dead….

In the present, Shulk and Abomination fight with Po and Sleek joining in once they have freed themselves. Shulk subdues the others and looks for Betty, saying that the Maestro can never be allowed to return; Betty claims she was lying when she said the baby was Maestro’s but Shulk can’t take the chance…and then Kaspin unleashes his psychic power, shorting out Shulk’s brain, killing her. Sahe whispers a final message to Abomination as she dies….

The baby is born, named Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan, the refugees find a home with the homeless. Char and Shulk (“Jennifer Walters”) are buried. Abomination mourns. And together they form a group that adventures to the surface to hep people in need and they call this team…the Abominations….

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Angel Medina
Brad Vancata
Glynis Oliver
Angel Medina (Cover Penciler)
Brad Vancata (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jim Novak.


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(Emil Blonsky)

Plus: Abomination (Maestro world), Janis Jones.

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