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Adventures of Captain America #3: Review

Dec 1991
Fabian Nicieza, Kevin Maguire

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Battleground: Paris

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3 stars

Adventures of Captain America #3 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Other pencillers: Kevin West.

Adventures of Captain America #3 Review by (March 15, 2010)
Review: In this episode the comedy almost derails the story. Bucky’s antics are okay, though they go on too long, but it’s the trio of villains who start to get a bit silly. Oddly, one of the few times it works is with the Master Interrogator who wears a swastika-studded bowtie and has a marvelously morbid scene in which he shows off his torture instruments with pride. And the Nazis’ substitution of “k”s for “c”s bekomes even more ridikulous, threatening to push this issue into kamp even with the grim events. The tongue-in-cheek manner hurts even the action scenes and should have been lessened rather than increased for this issue, as we near the climax. PS: If you didn’t know Cindy was the traitor since at least the middle of issue 2, shame on you. Unintended Foreshadowing: As would be revealed in the WINTER SOLDIER storyline, Bucky did the dirty jobs that Cap wouldn’t—though they aren’t as dirty here as they would be in the grimmer post-2001 tales.

Blitzangriff/Blitzkrieg’s name is never mentioned so the score stands at 1-1.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Adventures of Captain America #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Colonel Fletcher stares in surprise at the destroyed telephone as the trio of Nazi killers takes him prisoner. A sort time later, Captain America arrives at the diner to discover all but one of the inhabitants dead, gruesomely murdered by the villains. He heads to the abandoned factory Hodge had told him was the enemy hideout, arriving just in time to rescue Cindy Glass from being shredded in a huge machine. Cindy tells him the Nazis have taken Fletcher to Paris to force him to cooperate in recreating Project: Rebirth, leading to an army of enemy super-soldiers. They return to Camp Lehigh to prepare for the journey to Paris but are caught by Bucky Barnes, who discovers Steve’s secret identity. Bucky manages to finagle them a flight to Europe, as well as talking his way on-board. When he interrupts a romantic moment between Steve and Cindy, he is tossed overboard (with a parachute) and the other two follow. One the ground they link up with members of the Resistance and make plans. In a Paris hotel, Colonel Fletcher has been turned over to the Master Interrogator to discover the secret final factor for the super-soldier process. The Resistance manages to sneak Cap close to the building (first silencing a river patrol that spotted them) where he arrives in time to see Fletcher, injected with truth serum, hurl himself out of a window to keep from betraying the secret. After the Colonel dies in his arms, an enraged Cap bursts into the hotel and engages the trio of villains in a violent melee. Saurespritze is the first to go down as Cap hurls him over a balcony and the fall bursts his gas tank, making him a victim of his own poison. When a squadron of soldiers arrives, Cap beats a tactical retreat. Outside Cindy leads Bucky to the Resistance safe-house where they are greeted by Nazis, as Cindy reveals herself to be the mysterious Agent X. Cap leads his pursuers on a chase through the sewers, surfacing near the Eiffel Tower. Cap mounts the landmark and turns to face his foes; Blitzkrieg tumbles down the steps and electrocutes himself. Cap and the remaining killer Zahnmorder grapple atop the monument and end up tumbling over the side, Cap hanging on by one hand with the villain clutching Cap’s boot. Suddenly a sinister figure appears above them, introduces himself as the Red Skull, raises his pistol and fires….

Kevin Maguire
Terry Austin
Paul Mounts
Kevin Maguire (Cover Penciler)

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