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All-New Captain America #5: Review

Mar 2015
Rick Remender, Stuart Immonen

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3.5 stars

All-New Captain America #5 Review by (March 22, 2015)
Comments: Colors by Marte Gracia and Eduardo Navarro

Review: A bizarre issue, starting with that bigoted rejection of Sam Wilson’s qualifications for Captain America—is Marvel getting defensive? Or is it just a clever counterpoint to what we see in the following pages? What we see is Cap grabbing a sword blade with his gloved hands (one of the most painful images I can recall in my comics reading career) and pushing it hard into Zemo’s face (double ouch). Then the former Falcon summons birds the way Aquaman calls fish—which is what led to Aquaman’s current dubious reputation. Then the guy-we-knew-wasn’t-dead returns (after all, it was Ian’s second death) followed by the writer’s assuming we consider Batroc the Leaper a serious threat. And it ends with a vampire drinking Redwing’s blood—and we discover that harm coming to an animal is more moving than when it comes to most of the human characters in comics these days. Yeah, it’s all kinda fun but most of the humor is at the expense—and coming soon, a major overhaul of the Marvel Universe, which seems like an awful lot of trouble just to get Miles Morales into 616.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

All-New Captain America #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Prologue: A bigot is arguing with his daughter about how Sam Wilson is not qualified to be Captain America because he hasn’t earned the right….

As the plane carrying the disease–infected fleas takes off on its grisly mission, Baron Zemo has the New Cap at his mercy, pressing the point of his sword slowly into the hero’s chest; Cap grips the blade (ouch), injuring himself painfully, pushes it so that the hilt knocks out Zemo and then he dashes to the end of the runway and begins to concentrate. Zemo assaults him again but Cap has achieved his goal: swarms of bird come flocking after the plane, eating all of the fleas. As Zemo prepares a killing blow against Cap, Nomad suddenly arrives to take on the villain so that Cap can pursue the plane. Birds damage the craft which goes into a dive but Cap swoops in and snatches the boy to safety.

Back in the Hydra base, Zemo is able to contact Taskmaster and order him to launch his deadly pod—but Misty Knight has caught up with the mercenary and paid him enough to rebel against Zemo. Nomad knocks Zemo down and Cap arrives for the coup de grace. Ian then explains how he carries a supply of the bio-gel that Arnim Zola created him with to facilitate healing. Ian also reveals that there is one threat left: the vampiric Baron Blood has ingested Lucas’ blood and plans to self-detonate in the high atmosphere, spreading the sterilizing infection. As the two heroes plan to leave they are confronted by Batroc the Leaper. Nomad takes on the French martial artist while Sam goes after Blood. Cap sends Redwing to find Baron Blood but the bird gets too close and is captured by the vampire who drinks its blood and then begins his ascent into the sky….

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Stuart Immonen
Wade Von Grawbadger
Marte Gracia
Stuart Immonen (Cover Penciler)
Wade Von Grawbadger (Cover Inker)
Marte Gracia (Cover Colorist)


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Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo

Batroc the Leaper
Batroc the Leaper

(Georges Batroc)
Captain America
Captain America

(Sam Wilson)

(Ian Rogers)

Plus: Baron Blood.

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