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Amazing Spider-Man #252: Review

May 1984
Roger Stern, Ron Frenz

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3 stars

Amazing Spider-Man #252 Review by (July 27, 2011)
Comments: Story takes place immediately after the miniseries MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS. Spider-Man’s first adventure on Earth in the black costume. Avengers cameos: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau).


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Amazing Spider-Man #252 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
It has been over a week since the majority of Earth’s superheroes mysteriously vanished. In the offices of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson plan the day’s front page while Robbie resists his boss’ urging to blame the disappearances on Spider-Man. Meanwhile, in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow, the eerie structure which abducted the heroes suddenly reappears and Spider-Man, in his new black costume, bursts out, carrying Dr. Curt Connors. The police confront the unfamiliar figure but the reappearance of the Avengers distracts everyone long enough for Spidey to take off with Doc Connors. Spidey finds his hidden clothes are now ruined, the web-ball having dissolved but he recovers his wallet and keys, the black costume opening to create a pocket. Returning Connors to his grateful family, Spidey heads to his apartment where the costume transforms itself into street clothes. Peter calls Aunt May to reassure her and tries to contact Felicia Hardy—the Black Cat—to sort out their "wacky relationship." Black Cat is upset over the discovery that she has latent superpowers—but the source of them is the Kingpin and it has her worried. She tries to contact Peter but he’s out getting a pizza so she just misses him. He develops the photos he took on the alien world but realizes everyone will think they were faked so he destroys them. Unable to sleep, he decides to go out web-slinging and the costume slithers across the room and envelops him. Out on the streets, Spidey halts a mugging but the victim is more frightened by Spider-Man than the criminal. Swinging along, he comes upon a teenaged couple, Weezie and Justin, arguing over a broken date. Spidey tells them to lighten up and Justin reveals his despair at living in such a miserable neighborhood. To convince them there are worse places than this neighborhood (or this planet) he carries them though the air showing them the delights of New York City and its potential for good or evil. Down on the ground, Spidey isn’t sure whether the tour did the kids any good but he knows it’s brought out the best in him!

Ron Frenz
Brett Breeding
Glynis Wein
Ron Frenz (Cover Penciler)
Klaus Janson (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

J. Jonah Jameson
J. Jonah Jameson

(JJ Jameson)
May Parker
May Parker

(Aunt May)
Robbie Robertson
Robbie Robertson

(Joe Robertson)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy).

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