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Amazing Spider-Man #535: Review

Nov 2006
J. Michael Straczynski, Ron Garney

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The war at home, part 4 of 6

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4 stars

Amazing Spider-Man #535 Review by (May 3, 2016)
This issue leads up to the beginning of Civil War #5. It ties in with Fantastic Four #540 (also by Straczynski) which includes the scenes with Peter Parker and Reed Richards, preceded by the details of Invisible Woman and Thing leaving.

Peter learns from Mr Fantastic that Sue and Ben have left the FF for the duration of the Civil War. Sue and Human Torch have joined the Resistance, and Thing has gone to Paris to sit it out.

We see 3 inmates:-
Prodigy pleads for release. Iron Man arrested him in CW: FRONT LINE #2/1 where he was drunkenly protesting the Registration Act.
Gladiatrix is in a sylvan VR environment, but even in there she's crying for help.
Living Mummy is just kept extra-strong restraints.
I don't think we know how those 2 were captured.

CW#5 has a fight between Spider-Man and Iron Man inside Avengers Tower before they exit through a wall (or at least there Spidey does).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Amazing Spider-Man #535 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Peter Parker can't sleep because of the things Tony Stark has him doing for the Superhuman Registration Act. Now he hears on late night news that Stark Enterprises (and Fantastic Four Incorporated) are making loads of money from building a secure facility to house arrested non-Registered. He goes to Stark and demands to see the detention centre.

Iron Man takes Peter to the Baxter Building where he learns that the prison is in the Negative Zone. Reed Richards opens a portal and IM and Peter jet through. Stark gets them through an elaborate security system. He explains that the walls are made of synthetic vibranium. And each cell is custom-designed to counter the powers of its occupant. Those who can be trusted with tech can use virtual reality to ease their confinement.

Peter is reluctantly willing to accept this as a temporary measure. But Iron Man tells him it's the permanent solution. The only way out is to register with the government. Peter objects that this is imprisonment without trial, but Tony replies that there is no alternative. And this jail is outside the US so no defence lawyer, even She-Hulk, can do anything about it.

Back in the BB Peter asks for some time alone with Reed, and asks him why he's doing this. Reed tells him about his eccentric writer Uncle Ted who went up against the House Un-American Activities Commission when Reed was very young. He refused to co-operate with them and went to jail for a while. When he came out he was a pariah, and Reed says it killed him. Peter sees this as the tale of a brave man, but to Reed it's a sign that the law must be obeyed even if you think it's wrong. The law is what keeps us civilised.

Afterwards Stark tells Peter he wants him to go to Los Angeles for a while to help with another project called the 50-State Initiative. He says he'll keep Mary Jane and Aunt May safe while Peter's gone.

Peter sneaks back in to Avengers Tower using his spider-powers to evade the security system. He wakes MJ and May and tells them they've got to leave immediately. He's realised he's backed the wrong side and he's going to have to do something about it.

But he hears a series of booms, and activates his Iron Spider costume as Iron Man comes smashing through walls to get him and carries them both outside.

Ron Garney
Bill Reinhold
Matt Milla
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)
Ron Garney (Cover Inker)
Ron Garney (Cover Colorist)


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