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Avengers #170: Review

Apr 1978
Jim Shooter, George Perez

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...Though Hell Should Bar the Way!

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3 stars

Avengers #170 Review by (March 20, 2010)
The bride of Ulton was introduced in issue #162.

Avengers #170 Review by (November 3, 2014)
Wonder Man claims that the safari jacket look isn't a superhero costume - he just likes dressing that way. Jocasta is still not named - wait for next issue. A comment by Beast suggests Thor has only just left. And then he arrives and claims he's been away a long time. This is all part of Collector's scheme. He has presumably only now sent Thor back to space for Th#260-266 (his teleportation involves time as well as space travel), despite the Thunder God not sharing any of the other Avengers' guest apps since #168 (#169 was an out-of-sequence fill-in). Collector presumably despatched him now because Thor was about to return for real - maintaining continuity of cover without duplication. (Collector has insured that Thor has no memory of his recent visits.)

Captain America comments that he lost his super-strength a while ago. This upgrade was given him (accidentally) by the original Viper back in CA#157-158. An editorial caption refers us to CA#218 2 months ago where Cap 1st mentioned that the effect had eventually worn off. However the Official Index puts CA#218 after the Korvac Saga, so *this* is chronologically the 1st mention. However it still doesn't tell us how long ago he noticed his super-strength had gone. But since he's so cut up about it he probably only realised the strength had gone (it probably faded gradually) just before he started getting shirty with Iron Man in #166. (Chronologically the CA issue before that would be #216, before Av#157.) When Cap and Iron Man make friends, IM tries to tell Steve that he's Tony Stark, but Steve stops him. Whatever, that's the end of their disagreement (this time anyway). If it wasn't that Jim Shooter introduced that subplot himself in #166 I'd think he was getting rid of an unwanted holdover from another writer.


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Avengers #170 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Beast finds a dejected Captain America working out in the Mansion’s gym and tries unsuccessfully to cheer him up. Beast excuses himself when Iron Man comes in for a private talk with Cap. The two heroes apologize to one another for their quarrel (last issue) and both promise to be more dedicated to the team. Elsewhere in the building, Hawkeye telephones to report the disappearance of the Two-Gun Kid on their train journey. Meanwhile, in distant Attilan, ex-Avenger Quicksilver suddenly vanishes before the startled eyes of his wife Crystal. The Guardians of the Galaxy remain on guard against their enemy Korvac and Charlie-27 rescues young Vance Astrovik from being hit by a truck. Back at the Mansion, Yellowjacket and Wasp stop by, with Hank arranging for the delivery of the dormant bride of Ultron. To their surprise, the robot awakens, summoned by her master and makes her way out of the building, impervious to the varied attacks of the Avengers. Thor mysteriously arrives, unaware of what has been going on, despite having been with them the entire time. He hurls his hammer at the metal bride but Cap deflects it with his shield. Cap and Iron Man explain that "Tin Lizzie" if unmolested, can lead them to Ultron….

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George Perez
Jim Shooter
George Perez (Cover Penciler)
Terry Austin (Cover Inker)
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