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Avengers #197: Review

Jul 1980
David Michelinie, Carmine Infantino

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Prelude of the war-devil

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4 stars

Avengers #197 Review by (April 14, 2015)
Carmine Infantino does the pencilling for this issue. His work is excellent as usual except that his version of Iron Man's helmet makes him look like a comedy cartoon robot. George Perez still did the cover. Jack Abel couldn't do the inking due to illness, so Al Milgrom, Bob Breeding and Vince Colletta split it between them. This is another day in the life issue like #194. There'll be another 1 in #201. David Michelinie has borrowed the lift episode from the opening chapter of his novel The Man Who Stole Tomorrow (Marvel Pocket Novels #10). The Marvel Continuity Project and the Official Index for various characters all agree that Captain America #250 (where Cap declines to run for President, but not before the media get involved) is about the same time as this issue, but they disagree as to whether it is before, after or during. It isn't easy to fit it in whatever the choice. Jarvis mentions a phone call for Cap about a TV interview here, which may be connected. Red Ronin previously appeared in Godzilla #6-15, piloted by pre-teen Rob Takiguchi.

The discussion between Ms Marvel and Scarlet Witch blithely assumes that Wanda and Vision *can* have children, and Wanda says they *decided* not to. I'm sure that earlier writers left it as read that Vision wasn't *that* faithful a copy of a human. And indeed when they do have children in their 2nd mini-series it is via SW's magic. I don't think we see a chairmanship election any time soon. Cap just keeps running the team and the OI continues to list him as chairman. They also don't get round to making Jocasta an official Avenger until #211, but she leaves them that issue before she hears the news. That's the only issue the OI lists her as a Feature Character rather than Supporting Cast. This is where David Michelinie starts playing up the Beast and Wonder Man bromance, although they did go to a movie in #181. This is Melissa Zimmerman's only actual appearance, but she was 1 of the girls Beast mentioned in #185. Ant-Man's immediate future will be mainly as a semi-regular in the Iron Man title, starting as Scott Lang in #131 and as Ant-Man in #133. His next app in this title will be #222-224.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #197 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Avengers and guests have returned to Avengers Mansion after their fight with Taskmaster last issue. But now they're stuck in the lift. Vision ghosts out of the 'room' to give them more room. Ant-Man, Wasp and Yellowjacket shrink for the same reason. But Iron Man fixes a broken connection in the controls and they''re delivered to their destination to be greeted by Jarvis the butler. He tells Beast about a phone call from a Ms Zimmerman, and Hank McCoy says it's about a double-date for him and Wonder Man.

In the Detroit branch of Stark International Dr Cowan has got the giant robot Red Ronin working again after it was wrecked in Godzilla #14. But now he KO's his boss and plans to steal it.

After the robot Jocasta''s help last issue Captain America and Iron Man plan to propose she is given full membership at the next business meeting. She takes the good news to the android Vision. She offers him consolation about his absent (since #192) wife Scarlet Witch, but takes his cold reaction as a rebuff.

Meanwhile Wanda has rented a seaside cottage and is visited by Ms Marvel. She knows Wanda is considering having a child, but advises her against it. She owes it to the world to dedicate her super-powered life to protecting it from evil, and that role is more fulfilling than stereotypical motherhood. Wanda agrees with the conclusion without agreeing with the reasoning.

Wanda says that she and Vision had originally agreed not to have children because their dangerous life wouldn''t be fair on their offspring. But the recent revelations about her parents (#186) and brother Pietro''s imminent fatherhood (#188) made her broody. But now she''s reverted to her initial position, and is ready to return to the team.

Delighted Ms Marvel offers to help her pack, but then collapses unconscious.

Back at the Mansion Iron Man tells Captain America he wants to quit being Avengers Chairman because Tony Stark needs more of his time. Cap agrees to call an election in a couple of days. But what they actually have for the moment is a debriefing meeting on the Taskmaster affair.

Afterwards their ally Ant-Man leaves for home. But Wasp ''persuades'' reserve-Avenger hubby Yellowjacket to stay at the Mansion for the night before going back to his lab tomorrow. And Beast drags Simon Williams out on the double-date.

They go to a 60''s revival show at Madison Square Garden. Henry McCoy''s date Melissa has brought along her friend Candy Brown for Simon. And Wondie thinks the evening might be fine, until Candy''s little son Chauncey pops up (due to a last-minute babysitter cancellation). And Chauncey recognises Simon as Mr Muscles from the Uncle Elmer TV show (#194) and demands his attention.

Iron Man tells Vision that SW is coming back, but just now she''s with MsM in hospital. Vision continues his almost-emotionless facade.

Dr Cowan flies off in Red Ronin, regretfully intending to start World War III.

In hospital the 2 female Avengers learn that Ms Marvel is 3 months pregnant. And MsM doesn''t take it well.

Carmine Infantino
Al Milgrom
Bob Sharen
George Perez (Cover Penciler)
Bob McLeod (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Iron Man
Iron Man

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Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

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Plus: Red Ronin.

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