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Avengers #66: Review

Mar 2023
Jason Aaron, Javier Garron

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Avengers Assemble: Part 8 - The final assemblage

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4.5 stars

Avengers #66 Review by (March 10, 2023)
This is the last issue of this series but the climactic conflict will continue in Avengers Forever #15 and conclude in Avengers Assemble: Omega.

However this 66-issue series has set a milestone of its own. No series these days is likely to match the 402 continuous issues of Avengers vol 1, and even the 102 issues of West Coast Avengers vol 2 and the 84 of Avengers vol 3 are a bit of a stretch. But this series has just overtaken the 64 issues of New Avengers vol 1 to take the 4th spot on the leader board.

I give this issue a 4.5 score for showing that Cosmic Ka-Zar and the Deathlok Celestial weren't just throwaway ideas.

Morry Hollowell, Erick Arciniega and Rachelle Rosenberg helped David Curiel colour this issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #66 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue begins with some backtracking as the 616 Mephisto visits Earth-616 in 1M BC to see the result of the battle in #63-64 where the combined modern Avengers and 1M BC Avengers defeated the Multiversal Masters Of Evil. He finds Kid Thanos seated surrounded by the corpses of Ghost Goblin and King Killmonger, the skeleton of the Hound Logan plus Black Skull who isn't quite dead but no longer has his Venom symbiote. KT tells him that Dark Phoenix and Doom Supreme survived but have left. But Mephisto doesn't seem disconcerted by the failure of his plan. The Kid teleports away with the remains to study on the dissection table, and Mephisto takes a portal to ...

... the God Quarry at the end of time where the multiversal Red Council of alternate Mephistos has been attacking the Avengers Tower defended by a multiversal collection of Avengers. He finds that his side has lost here too and he is confronted by the small band of surviving Mephistos hiding underground. They are angry because he'd assured them that there would be little resistance, but again he's not disappointed. He checks that the bedrock of the Quarry is suitably cracked by the titanic conflict and then he slaughters his remaining comrades. And then he absorbs the essence of the other Mephistos to become the giant Mephisto we met at the Avengers Forever #14.

On the surface the multiversal Avengers are still battling the multiversal Dooms that Doom Supreme unleashed in AvF#13. We see lots of alternate Steve Rogers/Captain Americas fall. And Doom The Living Planet still isn't dead yet and cuts down many alternate Carol Danvers/Captain Marvels that attack it. The Goddesses Of Thunder are having more success but Elisiv senses a new threat looming. She suggests that they supplement their own weapons with some of the Mjolnirs that lie scattered on the ground.

Ant-Man (Tony Stark of Earth-818) gets a call from Thor, God Of Fists to warn him about the giant Mephisto that he (along with the 616 versions of Captain Marvel and Nighthawk) ran into (in AvF#14). But that Mephisto is now plainly visible destroying the helicarrier of the Carol Corps. AM calls for help from Avenger Prime (an alternate Loki) but he's still busy having a mystic battle with Doom Supreme. Loki says he's already sent for some more Avengers ...

... and Ka-Zar drops in armed with the Power Cosmic, and he's brought Galactus with him (picking up a subplot in #50 I thought had been forgotten about). KZ tells Big G to eat Planet Doom. 616 Captain America then gets a call from another 'Avenger', Gorilla-Man the disgraced security chief of Avengers Mountain HQ. He's here with the Russian Ursa Major who's out of his coma. And they've arrived in the dead Celestial that is Avengers Mountain which is now a Deathlok (since #54, another stray plotline) and fires a huge gun which destroys lots of Dooms.

Giant Mephisto is pounding on the floor of the God Quarry to break through to what lies beneath. Cap beats up some more Dooms and CM, Iron Man and Star Panther blast some others. And the Goddesses have picked up a Mjolnir each to unleash the lightning. And all the surviving Avengers shout "Avengers Assemble".

Javier Garron
Javier Garron
David Curiel
Javier Garron (Cover Penciler)
Javier Garron (Cover Inker)
David Curiel (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

(Carol Danvers)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Ursa Major
Ursa Major

(Mikhail Uriokovitch Ursus)

Plus: Ant-Man (Tony Stark 818), Avenger Prime, Black Skull (of MMOE), Doom Supreme, Doom The Living Planet, Goddesses of Thunder, Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale), Kid Thanos, Star Panther, Thor, God Of Fists.

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