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Black Panther and the Agents Of Wakanda #7: Review

Mar 2020
Jim Zubkavich, Lan Medina

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Legion of Foom: part 1 of 2

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4 stars

Black Panther and the Agents Of Wakanda #7 Review by (March 20, 2020)
T'Challa became a Senator of the Congress Of Worlds in Thor (2018) #16.

Volstagg left the Warriors 3 and became a Congress Senator in Thor: God Of Thunder #13. The Warriors 3 reformed with Hildegarde as a replacement in Mighty Thor (2016) #17. (They became the Ministers 3 in the above-mentioned Th(2018)#16.)

The dragon Fin Fang Foom had quite a solo career (starting in Strange Tales #89) before we learned he was 1 of a bunch of alien Makluans, the rest of whom were disguised as humans (Iron Man #261-275). This story intimately tied him and his fellows to the crashed spaceship that featured in the origin of Mandarin. He was shrunk to human size by Mr Fantastic in the Marvel Monsters (2005) 1-shot and for a while after, but he's been  back at full size since then so I don't think that's why he's miniature here.
Since MM(2005) he's been 1 of the good guys, except when controlled by someone else, so maybe that's why the other Makluans think he's a traitor. The other Makluans on Earth were supposedly killed in the Iron Man story, but then this *is* the Marvel Universe. However maybe these other Makluans here are from their homeworld and are angry that FFF let his fellows on this planet die? We'll see next issue.

Next issue may be the last for this series. Or maybe it's just going on hiatus for the duration of Empyre, replaced by the Empyre: Invasion Of Wakanda mini-series which stars the Agents. No-one seems to know for sure, but Marvel Fandom Wiki is holding out for an issue #9.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Black Panther and the Agents Of Wakanda #7 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Gorilla-Man, Avengers Mountain's Security Chief, is sleeping off a hangover with earplugs when he's awakened by an attack which shakes him off the bed, and Mockingbird trying to tell him about the alarm sounding. While Black Panther and Okoye (and it seems all the actual Avengers) are away he's in charge. As Ken Hale grabs a big gun and they race through corridors the lights go out. Broo, head of IT, manages to get in touch with them when the backup power supply kicks in, and tells them that the only other occupants of the HQ currently are fellow Agents Of Wakanda American Eagle, Fat Cobra and Ka-Zar.

They get to a view outside and see they are under attack by 3 fire-breathing dragons. There are some gunships out there fighting 1 of them, probably remote-piloted by Broo. Fat Cobra is generating his own chi-flames as he rides on the back of another of the dragons and punches it with his own version of the Iron Fist. American Eagle has a jet pack and attacked by a jet of flame from the 3rd dragon as he is towing Ka-Zar through the air. Jason Strongbow throws Ka-Zar at that dragon and flies in front of it to distract it.

Broo says he can't unleash the Mountain (ie dead Celestial's body)'s own defences because they are short of power since repelling the Frost Giant army (#19 during War Of The Realms), and he doesn't want to risk freeing the dangerous prisoners they've accumulated. So Mocky and GM exit the building to help trying to lead/drive the foe away.

Cobra's dragon manages to dislodge him with a sweep of the tail which slams him into the side of the Celestial. Eagle's giant dragon catches up to him and engulfs him in his mouth. But Ka-Zar slices a forearm open with his vibranium-enhanced knife, and the dragon howls in pain and spits Strongbow out. Gorilla Man is hanging from a support and shooting at dragon #1. Bobbi Morse leaps onto its head and delivers electric shocks with her batons.

For a breather we switch to the new Yggdrasil in Asgard where the Congress Of Worlds (ie of the Asgardian Realms) is meeting, welcomed by Senator Volstagg of Asgard. Black Panther is there as Midgard's representative talking to Screwbeard the Dwarf. T'Challa declines to drink, and Screwbeard jokingly accuses him of not knowing when it's time to worry and time to party.

Okoye, Director of the Agents, is there with him, but talking to the Warriors 3 Fandral, Hogun and Hildegarde (who replaced Volstagg). They too are keeping out of the party (well, Fandral's got a drink). Okoye is worried that her Kimoyo beads don't work here so she doesn't know what might be happening back on Earth. Fandral calls on Huginn, 1 of Odin's 2 ravens, who swallows 1 of the beads. And suddenly Okoye gets the Avengers alarm.

The dragons have been shouting in an alien language, and the Mountain's computers have begun to decipher it. Dragon #2 spews a river of fire over Fat Cobra. But he just absorbs it all and breathes it back at the dragon. American Eagle is impressed. Broo transmits the improved translations of the dragon's speech to the Agents, and it seems that they are accusing the Avengers of protecting someone. Ka-Zar is now climbing dragon #3's back but he too gets brushed of by the tail.

Dragons #2&3 join together in attacking the Celestial's head directly, shouting "Release the traitor". Little Broo sends a large hologram of himself to ask them what they're talking about. But then a little voice comes from a waste paper basket. And he finds inside a shrunken Fin Fang Foom.

Lan Medina
Craig Yeung
Marcio Menyz
Carlos Pacheco (Cover Penciler)
Aneke (Cover Inker)
Matt Milla (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Wil Moss. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Black Panther
Black Panther



(Hogun the Grim)

Plus: Agents Of Wakanda, American Eagle (Jason Strongbow), Broo, Fat Cobra, Gorilla-Man (Arthur Nagan), Okoye, Screwbeard.

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