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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #3: Review

Nov 1998
Mark Waid, Ron Garney

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Decent Into Madness, Chapter Two: Sins of the Mother

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3 stars

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #3 Review by (August 31, 2010)
Comments: Part two of a three-part story.

Comments: Conclusion of a three-part story.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
After three days of imprisonment in a cell in Atlantis, the unbroken Captain America still greets his captors with "Surrender yet?" Cap recalls how the Human Torch was captured and reprogrammed by the Nazis to aid in their conquest of Atlantis by having the flaming android provide "evidence" of an American invasion of the underwater city. Cap uses his shield to break his chains and escape. He overpowers some guards then lures a squad of Nazis into a dark crevasse where they are attacked by lampreys. Cap locates the lab where the Nazi scientists are bragging about how they have successfully reprogrammed the Human Torch. Breaking in, the hero holds them hostage while he searches for his captured friend. In a dungeon attached to the lab he discovers American prisoners, taken after navy battles with the Nazis. Aware that he needs the Sub-Mariner’s help to return these men to safety, he heads in search of the throne room. Meanwhile, Princess Fen accuses Namor her son of treason against his own people, abandoning them to serve the American "invaders." Namor counters that not all surface dwellers are the same, that he has lived among them. Fen reminds him that his own birth was the result of her visit to the surface where she fell in love with an American sea captain, ever since standing up for the half-breed Namor. Captain America arrives at this moment to state the obvious: Fen is ashamed of her son. She inadvertently concurs by stating that nothing good can come of intermingling the two races, which Namor takes as a personal slight. Cap informs Namor that American POWs are being held in Atlantis, which Namor didn’t know. When a guard fires a spear at Cap’s back, Namor snatches it out of the air and breaks it, then takes action against the duped guards. [Meanwhile on the surface, General Phillips is guiding a US Navy destroyer in search of Atlantis…and Cap’s rescue.] Below, the Nazis unleash the Human Torch on his friends, with Cap aware that the Nazi enhancements to his body will cause him to burn out. Cap and Namor take action against the Torch, giving Fen the evidence she needs that the Nazis lied to her. Cap leads the Torch back to the lab in hopes of persuading the Nazis to release him from their control, then watches in horror as the Torch sets the scientists aflame. Cap and Namor enter the POWs’ prison and Cap lectures the fiery android on the Nazis’ cruelty. Confronted with evil, the stunned Torch manages to overcome his brainwashing—and recalls how they dismantled him for study…he leaps up to stop an injured scientist from opening the vacuum chamber but he is too late. Suddenly the room is filled with an army of Human Torches….

Ron Garney
Dan Green
Shannon Blanchard
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)
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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)

Plus: General Chester Phillips, Nazis, Princess Fen.

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