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Captain America #199: Review

Jul 1976
Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby

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The Man Who Sold the United States

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2 stars

Captain America #199 Review by (June 23, 2010)
Review: Kirby’s return to his earliest creation is a ridiculous affair. Instead of the usual mad adrenaline rush, we get an interesting plot marred by absurd episodes, silly dialogue, bizarre characterization, and heavy-handed thematics. What a disappointment.

Comments: “The Madbomb”: part seven of eight. This cover was recreated for Captain America Vol 4 #28. William Taurey is called “Malcolm” in this issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #199 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Searching the conspirators’ house after the SHIELD raid, Captain America is ambushed by a trio of thugs but his lightning-fast reflexes and an assist from the Falcon save the day. Cap goes upstairs to take to Carol Harding to a clinic for treatment; having learned why Cap is after her father, she admires the hero for his compassion and kindness.

Elsewhere, an angry Mason Harding demands that William Taurey let him see his daughter; the mastermind explains that even now an explosive trap is heading toward the estate and orders the inventor placed under guard. In captivity, Harding takes out a miniature Madbomb and uses it to drive his guards into a murderous frenzy and they kill each other, allowing him to escape.

Awaiting the arrival of Harding, Cap sees a car coming and heads out ot meet it—suddenly the Falcon swoops down and pulls his partner to safety as the booby-trapped auto detonates. A short time later, a fearful Harding arrives demanding to see his daughter. Assured that Carol is receiving medical treatment, he explains how he was duped into the service of the Royalist conspiracy and tells Cap of a counter to the Madbomb he has devised.

At a costume ball to celebrate the victory of his sinister scheme, William Taurey is informed that Harding is in the hands of the authorities so he gives the order to activate the "Big Daddy" Madbomb immediately….

Jack Kirby
Mike Esposito
Phil Rachelson
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

Plus: William Taurey.

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