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Captain America #289: Review

Jan 1984
J. M. DeMatteis, Mike Zeck

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Tomorrow, the World?

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2 stars

Captain America #289 Review by (May 10, 2010)
Review: Disappointing wrap-up to the potentially epic adventure has Captain America single-handedly altering the future by beating up a giant robot (though to be fair the fight itself is rather cool). And I was hoping for something more along the lines of the Korvac Saga. It doesn’t help that the big finish to the grim story arc is overshadowed by the comical cover which is devoted to the Bernie America back-up story. Speaking of which, “Bernie America” is the highlight of the issue, a genuinely funny take on Cap which has the good sense to not drag it out too long.

Comments: This was Assistant Editors’ Month across all Marvel titles, featuring comical tales overseen by, well, the assistant editors. a) Part three of a four-part story. Cameos by Thor, Wasp, She-Hulk, and Starfox, with the Fantastic Four and the X-Men’s Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler seen in the villain’s proposed scenario. Godwulf and Iron Butterfly can be spotted among the commandos. b) Guest appearances by Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, She-Hulk, and Hawkeye. The Three Stooges joke is obvious but can you spot the Beatles and MASH references?


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Captain America #289 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Albert DeVoor, director of Brand Corp’s Nth Project, briefs his assembled commandos on the importance of their mission: each has been assigned an Nth Projector to be used to transport all superheroes to hostile dimensions, opening the way for Brand and its parent company Roxxon to conquer the world. Meanwhile, Captain America arrives back in 1983 New York, courtesy of Godwulf’s time machine, and races to halt the deadly project. Unable to contact the other Avengers, he heads alone to the bank which Godwulf had told him was the secret entrance to the Brand base. Cap breaks through the window and tells the guard to alert the police. Unfortunately, the guard is a loyal employee of Brand, and he notifies DeVoor that the hero is on his way. Cap runs a gauntlet of guards, traps, and defenses, finally arriving at the Nth Generator complex. The generator sits seemingly unguarded in the center of the room, but with a rumble it proves to be the head of a huge robot which rises from the floor and attacks Cap. The robot is psychic though, and Cap’s mind is filled with images of despair and resignation. Suddenly, he rallies, recalling that he is the protector of the American people, and he dashes through the creature’s legs, scales its back and smashes its brain case with his shield. The generator explodes, leaving the projectors powerless, as the commandos discover to their dismay (and hurt) in confrontation with their heroic targets. Cap leaves the rubble at Brand in the capable hands of Nick Fury and hurries off to his date with Bernie.

Story #2

Bernie America, Sentinel of Liberty

Writer: J. M. DeMatteis. Penciler: Mike Zeck. Inker: Mike Zeck. Colorist: Bob Sharen.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Assistant Editor Michael Carlin, filling in for Mark Gruenwald (and the Watcher) introduces this tale: Bernie Rosenthal, upset that Steve’s career as Captain America always seems to get in the way of their relationship, fantasizes about a little role reversal…. Bernie America is hanging around with the other female Avengers when the evil Mo-Skull (Bernie’s’ confused mash-up of Red Skull and MODOK) crashes through the wall announcing his schemes of conquest. Bernie beans the baddie with her shield, forcing Mo-Skull to repent of his wicked ways and leave. Bernie then gets a visit from her "ever-loyal, sheepish, and not-extremely-bright love-interest" Steve Rogers. He cries and moans over how she’s always off adventuring—when a call for help is heard and she rushes off…to be awoken by her sister Nancy, telling her that Steve has finally arrived for his visit. She rushes into his arms, much preferring reality to fantasy.

Mike Zeck
John Beatty
Bob Sharen
Mike Zeck (Cover Penciler)
John Beatty (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Clint Barton)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Jennifer Walters)



(Janet Van Dyne)

Plus: Bernie Rosenthal, Brand Corporation.

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