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Captain America #17: Review

Sep 2012
Cullen Bunn, Scot Eaton

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New World Orders, Part 3

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3 stars

Captain America #17 Review by (September 15, 2012)
Review: As Ed Brubaker continues to kill time until Marvel NOW! begins (we’ll cut Cullen Bunn some slack), we can be grateful for Scot Eaton’s nice artwork. Rioting in the streets (a la Madbomb), Cap pities himself, some pointless romance by Diamondback (so far we can’t see why she has been brought back after a hiatus of a couple of decades), and a space battle between Sharon and Baron Zemo (which is a pale echo of her fight with Machinesmith from issue #9 and nowhere near as exciting as the cover), and the Discordians (who looked quite promising in ish #15) are wasted. Even the cheap jabs at FOX News are lame this time around. Oh well, the issue ends with “To be concluded,” suggesting a much abbreviated ending. Then issue 19 will do something else. Like kill Codename: Bravo. Seriously, I keep forgetting why this guy is around.

Comments: Cameos by Iron Man, Vision, Valkyrie, Scorpion, and Constrictor.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #17 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
As TV pundit Reed Braxton (actually a set of robot duplicates) spews a message of hate and violence over the air, Captain America must deal with the rioting in the streets. He is rescued from death by a SHIELD helicopter. Back on the Helicarrier, Cap is despondent because the MNN broadcasts are merely causing people to act on their deepest beliefs: that the system is broken and they have no confidence in Captain America to help them. Falcon reminds him that the big problem is the violence and that is something caused by the villains and can be fought. SHIELD scientists have discovered that MNN is behind the attacks by the Discordians and is broadcasting a signal that increases fear and anger in panicked viewers. The signal is coming from a low-orbiting satellite and they also learn the location of the enemy base from the Braxton robot head captured by Dum Dum Dugan (last issue).  As the chaos increases around the country with riots, rebellion, Discordian attacks, and super-villain uprisings calling for Avengers intervention, the heroes head off on their missions (with Diamondback pausing to flirt with Cap, who brushes her off), having been issued signal scramblers to prevent aural assault. Sharon Carter leads a team including Dugan to infiltrate the satellite and shut down the signal, while Cap leads an assault force against Hydra Island which is protected by an army of Discordians. Aboard the satellite, Sharon engages Baron Zemo in a duel but their mission turns out to be unnecessary: several huge mobile transmitters have been dropped to the ground, reaching all those who are not watching television….

Scot Eaton
Rick Magyar
Steve Epting (Cover Penciler)
Steve Epting (Cover Inker)
Steve Epting (Cover Colorist)


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Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo

Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Rachel Leighton)

(Sam Wilson)

Plus: Discordians, Hordes of HYDRA.

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