Captain America #750 #1: Review

Jul 2023
Tochi Onyebuchi, R B Silva

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A Cup of Tea

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3.5 stars

Captain America #750 #1 Review by (July 5, 2023)

Review: This is a near-totally solemn issue: the first story has Sam agonizing over whether he is worthy. The second story is people spouting elegies to heroism and Steve and Bucky bickering about heroism. The five shorter stories are mostly about various Caps looking inward and at each other, pontificating on heroism. Only the last story maintains a light touch and ends with a joke. Milestone issues rarely get this self-serious. Cap’s patriotism and mission are best examined in smaller doses.

Comments: In the two lead stories, Neither Sam nor Steve wears his Captain America uniform. First story: Set after Steve Rogers took back the shield from “all-new, all-different Cap” (Sam).

Second story written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly. Title comes from the poem Steve reads and try as I might, I cannot identify that poem. Roger Aubrey was killed by MODOK in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY (2022) #10; Sharon Carter wore his Destroyer outfit in CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR OMEGA.

Reflections: The auditorium is revealed in the end to be named after Sam Wilson.

The Hero: Arnie Roth appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA #268 to 443, dying in that last issue.

Then and Now: Story includes cameos by the Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Giant Man, Baron Zemo, Falcon, Red Skull, Hatemonger, Captain Marvel (C. Danvers), Northstar, Spider-Man, Batroc the Leaper, and Jarvis.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #750 #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Sam Wilson visits his parents’ graves in the cemetery to tell them what had happened earlier: at a secluded farmhouse, Misty Knight presented him with a shield of his own and he declined it, feeling that he was not good enough to be Captain America. Over a cup of tea, she explains how many people, T’Challa, Tony Stark, Thor, and many others contributed to the forging of the shield because they believed Sam had to be Captain America. But Sam is uncertain. Then baddies assault the house they are in and Sam picks up the shield to protect himself and Misty; when the bad guys are defeated, Sam agrees to wield the shield. He thanks his parents for raising him to be a man who could be Captain America.  

“Nothing But a Fight”
Writer: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly. Art: Carmen Carnero. Colors: Nolan Woodard. Letters: Joe Caramagna.
Synopsis: In England, Steve Rogers joins many others for the funeral of Roger Aubrey a/k/a the Destroyer. Many offer a brief eulogy: Ghost Girl, Aaron Fischer, Jim Hammond, Pam from the Radio Company, Namor, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Peggy Carter, Nick Fury, Captain Wings, Silver Scorpion, leading to Sharon Carter who pays tribute to her fallen friend by becoming the new Destroyer. Steve reads one of Roger’s favorite poems.  

Roger is buried beside Brian Falsworth. Redacted approaches Steve and says he wants to be a person and will travel the world; Steve gives him the name Nomad. The Radio Company people take Peggy Carter under their wing. Steve meets with Bucky Barnes, hiding from everyone else; Bucky defends his use of Ian Rogers as a pawn in the game to destroy the Outer Circle. Steve explains the problem isn’t Ian, it’s that Bucky left him when he was needed. They are interrupted by a man introducing himself as Andrew Agboje, great-grandson of the Dr. Agboje who made Cap’s shield; he hands over a letter and departs. Steve and Bucky look at the ancient letter and discover it contains Dr. Agboje’s explanation of how to use the shield to defeat the Outer Circle. Steve and Bucky reconcile and determine to work together against the bad guys.

Story continues in CAPTAIN AMERICA FINALE.

And five shorter pieces:

Writer: Stephanie Williams. Art: Rachael Scott. Colors: Matt Milla.
Synopsis: Captain America Sam Wilson delivers an address at a Harlem high school. He relates how he joined the Avengers and never felt like he fit in, preferring to do things on his own terms and encouraging the kids to do the same.

“The Hero”
Writer: J.M. DeMatteis. Art: Sara Pichelli. Colors: Matthew Wilson.
Synopsis: Steve Rogers visits the grave of his friend Arnold Roth who, as a kid, protected Steve from bullies. They drifted apart as they grew older then Arnie came back into his life, revealed he was gay, and found acceptance. In Steve’s mind Arnie was his hero.

“Then and Now”
Writer/penciler: Dan Jurgens. Art: Bret Breeding. Colors: Alex Sinclair.
Synopsis: Steve reflects on the changes he has seen in the world from the 1940s to the present, noting that while many things are different, the quest for justice is the same.

“The Mantle”
Writer: Cody Ziglar. Art: Marcus Williams.
Synopsis: While Steve Cap and Sam Cap compete at hurling their shields, they talk about the weight of the mantle of Captain America. Steve tells Sam he is lucky to share the mantle with him—and then they go back to their contest.

“One Lucky Shot”
Writer: Gail Simone. Art: Daniel Acuna.
Synopsis: In Calliope Park on the coldest day of the year, A Hydra Agent shoots Captain America who falls into the stream. A kid finds the shield and takes it home to show his friends; they play with it in the part then the Hydra agent comes to collect it. But Cap is there too and punches the guy’s lights out. He is invited back for hot chocolate at Grandma’s house. “You’re all frozen in ice.” “I’ve had worse.”  

R B Silva
R B Silva
Jesus Aburtov
Gary Frank (Cover Penciler)
Gary Frank (Cover Inker)
Brad Anderson (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Sam Wilson)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Edwin Jarvis)
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

(Bucky Barnes)

Plus: Destroyer (Sharon Carter), Peggy Carter.

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