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Sep 2018
Tini Howard, ?

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4 stars

Captain America Annual #1 Review by (September 22, 2018)

Review: Wartime adventures for Cap by nature have to be set in a particular historical and geographic context which can be confining so each writer is challenged to find a way to make their story stand out. This one stresses his commitment to rescuing the helpless, and he succeeds in getting the refugees to safety. The issue also features a lot more discussion of Nazi atrocities and concentration camps but not so much as to be heavy-handed. The rarity is the mention of Nazi persecution of the Romanies (Gypsies) which the writer explains in a coda. Nazi persecution of homosexuals is also a plot point but likewise not belabored.

Comments: Writer Tini Howard adds a page about her Romany background and her ancestor who inspired the character of Marta. A real group effort on the artwork: Pencils: Chris Sprouse with Ron Lim. Inks: Karl Story, Walden Wong, Scott Hanna. Colors: Jesus Aburtov, Erik Arciniega, Israel Silva.


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Captain America Annual #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

July 1944 outside Stutthof, Germany: Captain America and Bucky are alone on a reconnaissance mission when they are attacked by a single enemy; warding off the bullets and a grenade they catch their attacker who turns out to be an emaciated woman. The woman flees and the heroes follow her until they are all fired upon by a German patrol. The woman leads them into a farmhouse where they are under siege by the enemy. After the people get used to Cap and Bucky's odd uniforms, the woman Marta (Romany) introduces her companions Iskra (Jewish) and Volya (Russian); they escaped from a concentration camp and are trying to reach Allied lines. Cap promises to help them and he and Bucky fortify the house. The heroes learn about the horrors the refugees endured; Volya is shot by a sniper while relieving himself and he refuses to go back to Germany or Russia as he is banned as a homosexual. The group heads for a nearby radio tower; on the way Marta describes how she was used in experiments. The group runs into a German patrol; Cap and Bucky easily overcome the enemy troops and they make their way to the top of the tower where Cap radios for help. The tower on the edge of a river is surrounded by tanks which open fire, along with strafing from planes. Cap tells the refugees to jump into the water where they are quickly rescued by Dum Dum Dugan and the Howling Commandos in a sub. Cap turns down a ride as he and Bucky gleefully take on the enemy ….

Chris Sprouse (Cover Penciler)
Karl Story (Cover Inker)
Romulo Fajardo (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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Bucky Barnes

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