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Defenders, The #47: Review

May 1977
John Warner, Klaus Janson

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Night Moves!

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3.5 stars

Defenders, The #47 Review by (October 19, 2021)

Review: Okay issue, it just looks like filler. One page for Hulk griping, one page for Kyle taking a bath, two pages to give Val a new costume, and the rest is our heroes fighting another hero because that’s what always happens when two heroes meet: they assume each other is the bad guy and fight. The only part that provides us with any relevant plot material is the three pages bringing Moon Knight into the story where he will be a welcome addition of another non-team player joining the non-team for a few issues. Marvel has always used personnel changes to keep team books fresh, starting with the epic AVENGERS #16 back in the day. And Moon Knight, an underappreciated hero, fits the bill. And he makes up for the endless wrongheaded battle against Wonder Man, who at this point in his career is just a generic superhero. He would evolve into something offbeat over time. 

Comments: Part two of five parts. Patsy Walker a/k/a Hellcat hung out with the Avengers in AVENGERS #144-150, thus missing Wonder Man’s return to the team in issue #151. Kyle Richmond is a big fan of the comic strip DOONESBURY (though he misspells it “Doonesberry”). David Anthony Kraft and Roger Slifer contributed the plot. Gaspar Saladino did the lettering for page 1.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Defenders, The #47 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Valkyrie and Hellcat leave the Defenders’ HQ at the Riding academy to attend to some personal matters. Hulk gets tired of Nighthawk talking and bounces off for some alone time. Nighthawk takes a bubble bath to revel in being millionaire Kyle Richmond for a while….

At the oil refinery, Nick Fury (actually Max Fury) has his men take the unconscious Jack Norriss away. Moon Knight, watching from above, swoops down upon them to rescue Jack and ends up in a punishing fight with Fury. Jack recovers and fights back against the henchmen. At this, Fury decides the mission is blown and he tosses a gas grenade and he and his men escape….

Val returns to the Sanctum Sanctorum and is admitted by Wong. She meets Clea who asks about the golden costume she made for Val in issue #40; Val reveals that when she magically changes to Valkyrie, it’s the old costume that appears. Clea modifies the spell and makes some changes to the costume and Val is ready to go….

Hellcat heads to Avengers Mansion and discovers Wonder Man alone. Assuming he’s an interloper she challenges him and, startled, he accidentally wrecks some machinery. Believing she’s under attack, she puts up a fight and then realizes Wonder Man is trying to protect her from some collapsing infrastructure, which is a bit hard to do….

Jack has Moon Knight take him to Dr. Strange’s mansion where he finds Valkyrie and Clea. Jack gives them a guarded synopsis of his troubles with SHIELD (involving the disappearance of Ruby Thursday in DEFENDERS ANNUAL #1) and Val suggests consulting the Avengers. They head to the mansion and find Wonder Man standing over an unconscious Hellcat and jump to the same erroneous conclusion. Wondy finds himself fighting Val and Moon Knight. When Hellcat revives, she tells her teammates that Wonder Man saved her life, ending the scuffle. Then Nick (i.e. Max) Fury contacts the Avengers, asking them to find Jack Norriss and turn him over to SHIELD….

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Klaus Janson
Klaus Janson
(Unknown artist)
Ed Hannigan (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Keith Giffen. Letterer: John Costanza.


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(Bruce Banner)

(Kyle Richmond)


Plus: Defenders, Jack Norriss (Jackson Norriss), Max Fury.

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