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Falcon and Winter Soldier #4: Review

Oct 2020
Derek Landy, Federico Vicentini

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4.5 stars

Falcon and Winter Soldier #4 Review by (January 26, 2021)

Review: And Veronica Eden, aspiring Hydra Supreme, turns out to be of the Harley Quinn school of villainy, not just her pale face and white hair with a pink tip but her crackpot ideas of good and evil and heroism, plus justice. Her phone conversation with her mother is a minor classic and fits this goofy miniseries well. And The Natural, who started out as scary in issue #1 but then became kinda goofy in issue #3 and into this one, ends up scary again as we approach the concluding issue and what promises to be an exciting battle between the good guys and the bad guys. And the mid-air melee sequence was terrific and suitably chaotic.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Falcon and Winter Soldier #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Veronica Eden, aspiring Hydra Supreme, calls her mother to warn her and Dad that they will be hearing a lot about her in the news soon and not all of it will be good. She assures Mom that she has only good intentions, and Mom expresses her support. Then Eden orders her jet-packed minions into the sky….

Falcon, Winter Soldier, and The Natural are heading by plane to the new Hydra base in Nevada. On the way, Sam and Bucky again question the kid about his admiration for Captain America and how that jibes with him being a Hydra killer. He sees Cap as one of the Good Guys who can and should destroy any enemy who gets in his way (with hints of a white supremacy viewpoint); Sam and Bucky point out the Cap is the son of Irish immigrants, powered by a formula discovered by a German Jewish scientist. The melting pot, they say, is the key to Cap’s greatness. Then the plane is invaded by flying Hydra goons and the fight spills into the air with Bucky and The Natural plummeting without any support. The falling fight in the sky is brutal and the three heroes make it safely to the ground with the help of a stolen jetpack. They find a car and driver waiting for them; they are taken to a remote diner where Veronica Eden assures them the other patrons are not Hydra agents in disguise. Eden assures them that no innocents will be killed under her command. They ask her why she turned bad; she responds that it was because Bucky broke her heart after their romance—which Bucky points out never happened. She also announces her intention to walk out a free woman while the two heroes are being killed. Eden also reveals that she did not order the massacre at the O.F.U.; that was done by The Natural who got bored waiting for orders and wanted to test whether he was as good a killer as they said. And now he knows—and is now ordered to kill Falcon and Winter Soldier….

Federico Vicentini
Federico Vicentini
Matt Milla
Dan Mora (Cover Penciler)
Dan Mora (Cover Inker)
David Curiel (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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(Sam Wilson)
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

(Bucky Barnes)

Plus: Natural, The (The Natural).

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