Free Comic Book Day 2021 Avengers/Hulk #1: Review

May 2021
Jason Aaron, Iban Coello

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The Tower at the Center of Everything

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4 stars

Free Comic Book Day 2021 Avengers/Hulk #1 Review by (October 5, 2021)

Review: Pretty exciting, making me look forward to the new Hulk volume; the Avengers, a little less so. Your mileage may vary.


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Free Comic Book Day 2021 Avengers/Hulk #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Inside a black hole lies the God Quarry, location of Avengers Tower. Avenger Prime receives messages of a complete chronal collapse and dispatches his agents, all Deathloks, across the multiverse. One Deathlok is sent to Earth 10222 where Atlantis never sank and ushered in a golden age. Deathlok enters this reality and is attacked by a Wolverine in the sky which he kills before landing on the planet. Unlike the expected paradise, this world is a desolate ruin, the timeline rewritten. The severed head of Ghost Rider from Earth-1719 rolls by giving a warning, then Deathlok is destroyed. And the new Masters of Evil arrive….

Continued in AVENGERS (2018) #50.

Writer: Donny Cates. Art: Ryan Ottley. Colors: Frank Martin.
Synopsis: MODOK is rallying the troops of A.I.M. for his new scheme when a train comes crashing through his lair, followed by the Hulk. As Ol’ Greenskin lays into them, MODOK activates Project G.O.D.O.S., Giant Organism Designed Only for Smashing, fitting his head into a massive armored body. After getting batted around a little, Hulk uses the train to impale the giant machine body right through the center. So Hulk, tired of being a hero, tired of being a monster, recalls his youthful desire to be an astronaut and so picks up a visor and some machinery, heads into space to explore…and he’s never coming back….

Continued in HULK (2021) #1.

Iban Coello
Iban Coello
Brian Reber
Ryan Ottley (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Ottley (Cover Inker)
Frank Martin (Cover Colorist)


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