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Hercules #2: Review

Jul 2005
Frank Tieri, Mark Texeira

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The New Labors of Hercules Part Two

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4 stars

Hercules #2 Review by (September 19, 2023)

Review: The tale is moving a little slowly as we are at the end of issue #2 and only now reaching the premise of the miniseries. The recaps of the two villain’s mythological careers is nice but that’s about it, with an epilogue bringing in Zeus and the rest of the Hellenic pantheon and they end up not contributing very much to the series. So it’s largely a suggestion for a TV reality show, with much embellishment. There are elevator pitches with more detail but the characters and art are enjoyable. We get down to business next time.

Comments: Robert’s t-shirt says, “Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?” referencing a questionable plot point in RESERVOIR DOGS. Eurystheus calls Gordon “Probst Jr.” a slighting comparison to Jeff Probst, producer of reality shows including SURVIVOR. Colors by Raul Trevino and Tatto.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hercules #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Achelous has dragged the groggy Hercules to a limousine where Eurystheus awaits. Eurystheus reminds Herc that they have long been enemies and fills in their history after Herc’s death in the ancient world: he had made it his goal to stamps out everything associated with Hercules but was captured in battle and brought before Hercules’ mother Alcmena. The bereaved Alcmena put out Eurystheus’ eyes with a knitting needle and had him beheaded. But his patron goddess Hera raised him back to life and he replaced his head, sewing it back on, though nothing could be done about his eyes. And now with centuries to recover, he is wealthy and successful and has a proposition for Hercules, accompanied by director Gordon Allsworth, assistant director Robert, and cameraman Jimmy. Herc wants to rip his head off but Eurystheus informs him it is his only chance to become a hero again so Herc unhands him. Herc’s reputation has suffered and, by extension Eurystheus also looks bad so he proposes a new series of twelve labors for Herc, to be covered in his reality show. Gordon is enthusiastic but Achelous, in human form, enters, mocking Herc’s courage. Gordon asks Achelous for his story: Achelous was a river god infatuated with Deianira but she had eyes only for Hercules. The two fought, Achelous in his bull form, and he lost, losing a horn as well. Herc gets in a bit of revenge for the sucker punch in the previous issue and accepts Eurystheus’ offer….

A business-suited Hermes dashes to Wall Street, enters the offices of the Olympus Group, interrupting the boss and his sexy secretary, and reports on this latest development to Herc’s father, Zeus….

Characters: Hercules, Eurystheus, Achelous, Zeus, Hermes

Mark Texeira
Jimmy Palmiotti
Mark Texeira (Cover Penciler)
Mark Texeira (Cover Inker)
Mark Texeira (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Randy Gentile.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Plus: Achelous, Eurystheus, Hermes.

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