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Infamous Iron Man #7: Review

Apr 2017
Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev

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4 stars

Infamous Iron Man #7 Review by (May 6, 2017)
Sharon Carter appears to be running SHIELD in practice, but presumably only under the orders of Captain America (Steve Rogers). This issue would take place between CA:SR#10 when Cap replaced Maria Hill as SHIELD Director and Secret Empire #0 when he revealed himself as a Hydra Agent and had Sharon arrested.

Reed and Sue Richards are supposedly touring the multiverse with their family, after the end of Secret Wars III.

And we know that the guy at the end of this issue isn't *that* Reed Richards. It's the evil Maker, the RR from the Ultimate Universe.

The villains meet at a place called Herbie's. That name and its logo are a reference to HERBIE the robot from the 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon, and later Marvel Universe appearances.

As well as Hood, Wrecker and Wizard the assembled villains are (according to the Marvel Wiki) Answer, Armadillo, a Brother Grimm, Bushwacker, Centurius, Chemistro, Constrictor, Corruptor, Crossfire, Crusader, Cutthroat, Deathwatch, Griffin, Jigsaw, Living Laser, Piledriver, Rampage, Razor-Fist, Shockwave, Slug, Thunderball, Vermin, Whirlwind (although I can't see Whirlwind and I'm iffy about Corruptor).


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Infamous Iron Man #7 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Wizard has called together the Hood and ex-members of his gang to warn them that Doctor Doom has turned hero and is going after other villains. He's taken down Diablo (#1) and the Mad Thinker (#2), and Bentley Whitman is willing to admit he was lucky to escape (last issue). Doom has now combined Stark-tech with his own tech and his magic to make him even more unbeatable.

Hood tries to rally his ex-troops - surely with their combined power they can beat him. And when they add to that power the rep of being the guys who killed Dr Doom, then they'll be able to face down all-comers for Kingpin's vacated territory. He's beginning to convince them when Iron Doom busts through a wall and starts attacking them all.

We now switch time and place to later in the SHIELD helicarrier. Sharon Carter has called in SHIELD Agent Thing - Ben Grimm - to talk to the Wrecker, who was 1 of the villains in the last scene and has come to SHIELD for sanctuary from Doom. (Thing's prime task in SHIELD is to capture Victor von Doom.)

Grimm goes into Dirk Garthwaite's holding cell and asks him to explain exactly what happened. He says Doom killed all the other villains, and we see him doing it. Except we see that Hood teleports away. And Wrecker manages to run away. Doom catches up with him, but lets him go as long as he repents his ways and tells everyone that von Doom is going to fix the world.

Ben rubs it in by getting Wrecker to admit that he didn't really escape, Doom sent him as a humbled messenger. Then he lets Garthwaite know that Doom didn't kill *any* of them - the others are all in SHIELD custody. Dirk gets riled at Thing, but an electromagnetic force field stops him from doing anything about it.

Ben tells Sharon he doesn't believe Dr Doom is doing what he says he is. There'll be some twisted plan behind it all.

Grimm goes back to the hotel he's staying in, but finds Victor waiting in his apartment - with his Iron Man armour present but not wearing it. Doom warns him not to start a fight for the sake of the innocent people that would get injured, and Thing takes this advice for now. But he says he still hates him for all the evil he has done. Even so Victor apologises for all of it. He's especially sorry that he never realised what great people Reed and Sue Richards were - and now they're not around for him to say that to.

Ben says he *still* can't forgive him. Victor accepts that because he can't forgive *himself*. If he thought going to prison was the best thing he could do, he'd do it. But he believes he can do more good free. Thing says he's still coming after him. Doom armours up and says he can only hope that his actions will earn Ben's trust.

Before Doom leaves Grimm asks if it was really his (supposedly-dead) mother in #4-5. Victor says he can't be sure. And as a parting shot he says he's going to sort out Peter Parker owning the Baxter Building.

But as Ben turns back into his apartment he finds another figure waiting for him - Reed Richards.

Alex Maleev
Alex Maleev
Matt Hollingsworth
Alex Maleev (Cover Penciler)
Alex Maleev (Cover Inker)
Alex Maleev (Cover Colorist)


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