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Infinity Countdown #3: Review

May 2018
Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder

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4 stars

Infinity Countdown #3 Review by (June 8, 2018)
While Aaron Kuder does the Guardians of the Galaxy pages, Mike Hawthorne and Terry Pallot do the Warlock section and the Surfer epilog. And the opening page is again by Mike Deodato with colouring by Frank Martin.

Drax's saxophone playing dates back to his time in Warlock & the Infinity Watch.

Galactus became the Lifebringer in Ultimates vol 2 #2.

Follow Talonar and the Raptors into the Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk mini-series. And it seems that Warbringer and the fleeing Nova Corps will feature in the IC: Champions 2-parter. Ant-Man won't be in IC#4 and presumably he'll turn up with the Corps in IC:C, but I don't know whether that means he's left the Guardians.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Infinity Countdown #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In the opening flashback page the mystery villain is still holding the Asgardian Dwarf prisoner and forcing him to make something.

Last issue Adam Warlock came to the planet Saiph looking for the Soul Gem. He found the planet occupied by aliens infected with the Ultron Virus and the Gem in the possession of Ultron himself. And the insane robot has been converting Silver Surfer to his cause. He orders the Surfer to kill Warlock, but the reprogramming doesn't seem to have taken yet.

Warlock attacks Ultron and tries to get the Infinity Stone off him. But Ultron just taunts him with how easy it was to get the Gem from Adam's evil half Magus, and then blasts him out of the building. This gives the robot villain time to use the Soul Gem to bombard Silver Surfer with the voices of the trillions of victims who died when he was the Herald of Galactus. This tips Surfer over the edge and he lashes out at Warlock when he returns.

But Norrin Radd still has enough willpower left to apologise even as he hits Adam. So Ultron unleashes the Soul Gem on him again. While Surfer writhes in mental agony Warlock punches Ultron. But Ultron gloats that the rockets seemingly covering the surface of this world will soon spread his Virus throughout the Galaxy. So it's Adam's turn to knock *him* out of the building.

He now turns to the suffering Surfer who begs Warlock to kill him before Ultron gets control of his Power Cosmic. But then Ultron's voice issues from Surfer's mouth saying it's too late. Adam touches Norrin's brow and encases him in his own regenerative cocoon to heal. Ultron returns and accuses Adam of killing Surfer. Warlock punches his staff through the robot's chest, without much effect. And Surfer is reborn  from the cocoon immediately, all sign of Ultron features gone.

Adam welcomes him back. Between the 2 of them they should be able to deal with Ultron and retrieve the Soul Gem. But when Surfer regains his Board he just flies away. And gloating Ultron launches his rockets.

We'll leave things there and switch to the Guardians of the Galaxy on Xitaung. Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord are taking a breather from killing Chitauri and members of the Fraternity of Raptors while newly-embiggened Groot battles on. Gamora uses his head as a springboard to reach some flying Raptors, and tells Groot to concentrate on the Chitauri leader Warbringer

Warbringer exhorts his troops and advises the defending GotG and Nova Corps to leave the planet. He intends to take the hill-sized Power Stone and use it to free the Chitauri homeworld from Thanos. Against the advise of Drax, Ant-Man shouts defiance back at him. But gets hit by a blast which sends him miniaturised and unconscious to land on a Nova Corpsman being evacuated injured from the field of battle.

Nova Commander Scott Adsit is going to evacuate his troops from the planet and leave the Chitauri and Raptors to fight *each other* over the giant-sized Infinity Stone. Hopefully the Novas can then defeat the surviving winners. Gamora doesn't believe in retreat but Star-Lord agrees it's the wisest option, but only for the Corps. However Nova Centurion Eve Bakian, with her new-born baby in a force field, thinks the Nova shuttlecraft will be an easy target. The other Novas board the shuttle (with Ant-Man included) as the Guardians provide covering fire.

There's another Nova still on the planet. Last issue Richard Rider and Talonar of the Raptors were assaulted by Warbringer. This was just after Nova discovered that Talonar was his long-missing younger brother Robbie Rider. Now Rich finds Robbie with his back broken by the attack. Robbie begs Rich not to let Warbringer get the Power Stone. He tells his brother about the virtual reality simulation the Raptors brainwashed him in. But he has detected evidence that *this* reality is also a simulation. As such the size of the Power Stone can be adjusted - by mind over matter. Then Raptors come and take Talonar away.

The Guardians have their backs to the wall. Rocket's run out of ammo. Gamora expects to die and wonders what will happen to the part of her trapped in the Soul Gem. Drax wishes he'd played his saxophone more often, and Star-Lord mentions the Earth custom of an instrument-player accompanying soldiers into battle. So Drax gets out his sax, which he conveniently has with him, and starts to play. Even the Chitauri pause to listen.

Nova (RR) arrives with the simulation idea, and that the size of the Power Stone is a mistake in programming. Peter Quill tries the mind over matter theory and it works! The Stone now fits in his hand. Warbringer launches an attack and Star-Lord blasts him away. Then he tosses the Stone into Drax's sax, and the Destroyer plays a cosmic tune which starts to tear the planetoid apart. Then Drax throws the Stone to Nova who combines it with the Nova Force to give them a giant force-bubble and the propulsive power to take them (including Eve and child) into space.

This issue's epilogue is Silver Surfer confronting his old master Galactus, now converted from Devourer of Worlds to Lifebringer. But he asks him to return to his old ways 1 last time to devour Saiph and stop the menace of Ultron.

Aaron Kuder
Aaron Kuder
Jordie Bellaire
Nick Bradshaw (Cover Penciler)
Nick Bradshaw (Cover Inker)
Morry Hollowell (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Jordan D. White. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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(Drax the Destroyer)

(Richard Rider)
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

(Norrin Radd)

(Peter Quill)

Plus: Chitauri, Eve Bakian, Fraternity of Raptors, Giant-Man (Scott Lang), Nova Corps, Scott Adsit, Talonar (Robbie Rider), Warbringer.

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