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Invaders, The #9: Review

Apr 1976
Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins

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An Invader No More!

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4 stars

Invaders, The #9 Review by (July 30, 2018)

Review:The End of an Invader!” the cover shrieks! “An Invader No More!” the title shouts! As if anyone thinks it won't be the guy who joined up on literally the final page of the last issue. Despite that spoiler, the issue is pretty exciting with Baron Blood seen at his most villainous. Frank Robbins' weird art works very well with this uncanny foe. Bwa-ha-ha! 

Comments: Part three of three parts. Baron Blood returns in INVADERS #39-41.



Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invaders, The #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Lord Falsworth has resumed his WWI role as Union Jack in order to aid the Invaders (Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, Toro) in their mission against the Nazi vampire Baron Blood. The problem is, when his daughter Jacqueline Falsworth sees this she flies into a rage, blaming Cap for luring her father into danger. She collapses in a faint and then they realize she has been bitten by a vampire—so Baron Blood must know His Lordship is Union Jack. Nephew John is unharmed (since he is Baron Blood in disguise)....

That night, the Invaders again patrol the city, with Union Jack reluctantly staying home to watch Jacqueline. As soon as the heroes have gone, John resumes his Baron Blood guise and hypnotizes His Lordship into passivity while preying again on Jacqueline. As they all must, Blood recounts his origin for his intended victim: he is really Lord Falsworth's brother who, on a visit to Transylvania, met and was vampirized by Count Dracula himself; with the world on the brink of war, Drac dispatched John to join the Germans and wreak havoc on his native Britain. As Blood attacks, the Human Torch, having stayed behind to keep an eye on the suspicious John, intervenes. Blood seizes Jacqui and flees with Torch in pursuit—but the rain outside douses his flames and the baddie kicks him in the head. He awakens only when Union Jack arrives, having snapped out of his trance. Torch summons the other Invaders while UJack traces Blood to a nearby cavern. The two enemies fight and it ends with the vampire hurling a huge rock which crushes the hero's legs. The others arrive and the Baron manages to keep them all at bay, until Ujack manages to push the rock off his legs, rolling it down an incline and knocking Baron Blood back onto some pointy stalagmites. As the villain dies, the others discover that Jacqueline is dying and they need to get help immediately....

Frank Robbins
Frank Springer
George Roussos
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Frank Springer (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

(James Barnes)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)

(Jacqueline Falsworth)

(Thomas Raymond)

Plus: Baron Blood, Union Jack (Lord Falsworth).

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