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Invincible Iron Man #209: Review

Aug 1986
Dennis Mallonee, Rick Hoberg

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A Renaissance of Magic!

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3 stars

Invincible Iron Man #209 Review by (November 29, 2016)
Comments: Morgan Le Fay, from Arthurian legend, is a frequent visitor to the Marvel Universe, mainly against the Avengers and Spider-Woman (J. Drew); she first met Iron Man in IM #150. Oddly, this time her name is spelled Le Fey (related to Tina Le Fey?). Tony Stark met Jack Russell in WEST COAST AVENGERS (Vol. 2) #5. Wolfie's next appearance is in CAPTAIN AMERICA #330, write-up available now in the Captain America Library!

Review: Okay story appears to be another fill-in issue, pulling in a familiar villain and an unlikely guest star, while ignoring the current Iron Man storylines. I liked WEREWOLF BY NIGHT quite a bit on its original run but with the loss of an ongoing title, his appearances became much harder to locate (much easier now via the Marvel Chronology Project and the ready availability of back issues). Okay issue, though Clytie Erwin's concern about Tony's welfare seems a bit out of character, seeing as she blames him for her brother's death and all. And Morgan's being chained to a bier with her arms and legs spread seems a bit suggestive for an all-ages comic book.


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Invincible Iron Man #209 Synopsis by T Vernon
Morgan La Fay is captured by knights and on orders from Merlin she is chained to a bier. Merlin casts a spell that will keep her bound to the castle. As Merlin leaves he turns her over to the sadistic Sir Tristan...

...and Lissa Russell awakens from her nightmare. Her brother Jack (a/k/a Werewolf by Night) tries to comfort her but cannot....

Iron Man arrives at a Renaissance Faire, invited by Clytemnestra Erwin to allow Tony Stark some fun and relaxation. They don costumes and stroll about the grounds, seeing a juggler who turns out to be Buck Cowan, friend of Jack and Lissa Russell, who arrive on the scene. Lissa recognizes Tony as Sir Tristan from her nightmare and attacks him. Tony in turn recognizes Jack from an Avengers adventure—and the influence of Morgan La Fey on Lissa. Jack's deadline for hiding from the full moon is approaching and Tony offers to drive Jack where he needs to go. On the way, Jack fills Tony in on the saga from his comic. Morgan La Fay sends their car crashing off the road....

Back at the fair, Morgan possesses Lissa's mind and body just as Iron Man and the Werewolf arrive. She casts a spell binding Shellhead to a post and raises a giant stone hand from the earth to seize and crush the Werewolf. Iron Man breaks free and blasts the giant hand apart. Morgan traps them in a cyclone then uses her magic to turn the Werewolf against the Avenger. Shellhead jets over Jack's head and seizes Lissa/Morgan. As she tries to destroy him, Werewolf slashes her back with his claws. Morgan flees the body of the now critically wounded Lissa and as they summon help, the Werewolf dashes off into the night....

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Rick Hoberg
Ian Akin
Bob Sharen
Dwayne Turner (Cover Penciler)
Scott Williams (Cover Inker)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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