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Invincible Iron Man #213: Review

Dec 1986
Danny Fingeroth, Javier Saltares

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Fortune's Child

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #213 Review by (December 27, 2016)
Comments: Part two of two parts. Sabbath Raven is a name even too silly for a James Bond movie. Dominic Fortune's mission against Simon Steele concludes in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #71-72.

Review: Well, that cover is certainly misleading. True there is an all-new Dominic Fortune in the story but he doesn't survive the issue—which is what both Tony and Cly were warning him about. It did seem a bit unlikely that this untrained young pup could adequately substitute for his father but this is a comic book, they deal in unlikely events. But Tony and Cly are right, Jerry kicks the bucket, and we have the same old Dominic Fortune for the rest of his comics career. Did not see that coming and it is rare to be genuinely startled by a old comic. (It's even harder to be startled by a new comic—but that because everything is spoiled to death before the issues hit the comic shops.) Story was a nice break from the usual Tony's agonies stuff, centering on a character unfamiliar to most readers. So: nice little tale with a treat for older readers.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #213 Synopsis by T Vernon
At the Los Angeles Opera House during a performance of Gotterdamerung, a battle takes place on the catwalks far above the stage. Jerry Fortunov, the new Dominic Fortune, is fighting extras in warrior costumes, demanding to know where to find Simon Steele, who ordered his father's death. Leaving the theater he encounters Clytemnestra Erwin who tries to dissuade him from this path of vengeance but Jerry won't listen and zooms off on his motorcycle. Cly heads over to find Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes, begging Tony to try to save Jerry. As Iron Man, he catches up to Jerry and warns him that he is an amateur going up against professional killers. Again, Jerry feels he has to honor his father's legacy by avenging his death. Shellhead agrees but follows along secretly in stealth mode....

At the estate of Simon Steele, he greets his prisoner—the original Dominic Fortune, whose death was faked last issue with the help of a doctor on the payroll. Dominic is shocked to see Steele's companion, his former lover, a still youthful Sabbath Raven—all part of Steele's revenge plot against him....

On his way to the Steele estate, Jerry hits an oil slick and skids; a tanker truck driver swerves to miss him and goes off a bridge. Iron Man swoops down and catches the truck, lowering it to the ground; he flies the driver off to seek medical attention, allowing Jerry to proceed with his mission. Cly gets the message Jerry left on her phone hours earlier and, unable to contact Tony or Rhodey, she heads off to Steele's estate as well. On arrival she spots him sneaking up a hill toward the mansion and tries again to reason with him but they are both caught by security guards. Trying to lock them up, however, leads to Dominic's escape and three joining forces against the villain. Iron Man arrives in the middle of a stun-blaster battle between the two Fortunes and Steele's men. Sabbath's newly developed scrambler immobilizes Shellhead though and in the melee, Jerry takes a bullet meant for his dad. Cly makes it to the control booth, punches out Sabbath and shuts off the scrambler, freeing Iron Man to take down all the henchmen. Steele and Sabbath escape and Jerry dies in his father's arms after making amends for his earlier attitude....

Epilogue: As Dominic prepares to take his son's body home or burial, Cly explains that the woman he took for a young Sabbath Raven was actually her niece. The old hero decides to continue his search for the real Sabbath as well as seeking revenge against Simon Steele. Cly tells Tony she will be staying with his company....

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Javier Saltares
Kyle Baker
Ken Feduniewicz
Bob Layton (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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