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Invincible Iron Man #267: Review

Apr 1991
John Byrne, Paul Ryan

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The Persistence of Memory

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4.5 stars

Invincible Iron Man #267 Review by (March 13, 2018)
Review: And it's another version of Iron Man's origin: this one is updated for the 90s. While still set in Southeast Asia, the Vietnam War context is removed completely (along with any hint of Stark making weapons for the US military). Plus, the Mandarin is shown to be behind Wong Chu and therefore entering Tony Stark's life earlier than the original series maintained—though unawares. A female henchman of Wong Chu's is given a key role and the bandit leader himself survives the confrontation with Iron Man (but not with his miffed master). Tony gets the willies when he feels the Mandarin is thinking about him, which is a nice way to tie the two plots together and build interest for the upcoming confrontation. Don't think we really needed all this again but it was well done and enjoyable.

Comments: Part one of two. New artist Paul Ryan debuts with this issue. The title comes from the famous painting by Salvador Dali (you know, the one with the melting clocks). Vibro previously appeared in issues #186-187 and 191-192; I didn't miss him, did you? Tony mentions the TV game show WHEEL OF FORTUNE and its hostess, Vanna White.


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Invincible Iron Man #267 Synopsis by T Vernon
The Mandarin is frightened, running aimlessly through the imperial palace when suddenly, a huge statue falls on him...and he wakes up. Chen Hsu tries to tell him that the dream is a reminder of his mortality but the Mandarin scoffs....

Iron Man is fighting Vibro at a Hollywood film studio; Shellhead is losing because of his recent health troubles. Realizing he has been taking the wrong tack in fighting this baddie, Iron Man tosses a pair of magno-couplers at Vibro then uses them to spin him in the air until he surrenders. Suddenly, Iron Man feels something touching his mind, which reminds him of an earlier day...

...Tony Stark arrives in Southeast Asia to investigate reports of an attack on his local facility. He is met by his manager Toshi Kanada and they drive through the jungle to the factory as Kanada tells him of the bandit leader Wong Chu who is terrorizing the area. What they don't know is that this is all a trap to capture Tony and Wong Chu is under orders from a mysterious overlord (oh come on, it's the Mandarin). Wong Chu's men ambush the jeep, sending Tony and Kanada into the woods; Kanada steps on a mine: he is killed and Tony critically wounded. When Tony regains consciousness, he finds himself a prisoner along with the famous Professor Yinsen. Soon, Tony and Yinsen are brought before the bandit leader; angry, Tony insults Wong Chu and tries to fight his way out—but his injured heart causes him to collapse to the floor, near death.....

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Paul Ryan
Bob Wiacek
Paul Becton
Paul Ryan (Cover Penciler)
Bob Wiacek (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Michael Heisler.
Editor: Howard Mackie.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Chen Hsu, Vibro.

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