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Iron Man: Legacy #5: Review

Aug 2010
Fred Van Lente, Steve Kurth

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War of the Iron Men Part 5

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4.5 stars

Iron Man: Legacy #5 Review by (January 29, 2022)
Comments: Dragana/Svarog’s first and final appearance to date (2021).

Review: Iron Man deals with his legacy: it is an ideal of a hero protecting his people. And Svarog is only the latest to follow in his footsteps but with a more epic introduction that boosted this issue’s rating by half a star. And Tony also has to deal with his other legacy: by ending the arms race, he is responsible for the rise of more villains who would otherwise have been suppressed. But is this true? Seems to me that the arms race still went on without Stark’s participation and that villains have always been rising up during the Cold War, including Doctor Doom and the Mandarin and various other wicked world leaders. So Michael Flannery’s accusation was a bit off and Tony did clean up the mess as best he could. So Doom is knocked down once again, ethnic cleansing is being suppressed by means of a hero inspired by Iron Man. And, coming full circle, that is his legacy.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man: Legacy #5 Synopsis by T Vernon
Doctor Doom appears before the United Nations General Assembly via sonogram to announce that for humanitarian reasons, Latveria is invading Transia and annexing a portion of that nation….

In Transia, Iron Man teams up with Radioactive Man, Titanium Man, and Crimson Dynamo to fight back the invading forces of Doombots, upgraded with technology stolen from Stark. The two rookie Russian heroes, both new to their armored identities, fall easily before the onslaught; Iron Man has Chen Lu hold off the Doombots while he takes the two Russians to safety. R-Man triggers a massive EMP but it does not affect the enemies; Iron Man recognizes Stark tech at work. Doom himself enters the battlefield in a huge base on massive spider legs. Shellhead confronts him, questioning why Doom is engineering a land grab—it’s because Mount Wundagore is located in Transia and Doom wants to get his hands on the High Evolutionary’s abandoned technology. Tony accuses Doom of stealing Stark tech; Doom says he merely funded the Zmaj and their Iron Men are of their own making. As Iron Man is overwhelmed by Doombots, the Slavic Smith God Svarog, with fiery golden armor and a flaming battle axe, arrives on the scene to join the battle. It is Dragana, who assembled the robotic suit as a figure that would draw the Slavs and Romani together in a fight for freedom. Tony tells her that he knew that his mobile lab would be stolen and he hid a kill switch inside, knowing it would be incorporated into the Doombots; at his signal the Doombots go offline, making it appear that Svarog destroyed them single-handedly. Iron Man volunteers to distract Doctor Doom (actually a robot double) so Svarog can defeat “him” too; during the operation, Tony calls Dragana his legacy. Back at his palace, Doom moves on to his next plot, involving Venom symbiote satellites….

Back in the USA, Iron Man leads SHIELD agents to arrest janitor Michael Flannery, who used the DNA from Tony Stark’s hair swept up to enter his private lab and steal Stark tech. Flannery’s wife is Transian, her family of Slavs were all killed by the Muslim Romani. Flannery denounces Stark for having given up creating weapons, allowing the world to fall into chaos….

Tony has Pepper Potts and his other employees released from prison. When the TV footage of him battling the two Russian heroes was seen, Iron Man became too much of a hero to prosecute….

Tony ponders his creation of Iron Man as an ideal and when Tony is gone and the threats become greater, the Iron Legion will be ready….

Steve Kurth
Allen Martinez
John Rauch
Travel Foreman (Cover Penciler)
Travel Foreman (Cover Inker)
Travel Foreman (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Dave Lanphear.
Editor: Ralph Macchio. Editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada.


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Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

(Victor Von Doom)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Crimson Dynamo (Levi), Radioactive Man, Titanium Man (Gennedy Ovinnik).

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