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Iron Man Annual #7: Review

Oct 1984
Bob Harras, Luke McDonnell

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When Giants Walk the Earth

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3 stars

Iron Man Annual #7 Review by (June 6, 2016)
Comments: Story takes place between IRON MAN #188 and 189. Former Power Man Erik Josten becomes Goliath in this issue; see Wikipedia for a full profile. The comatose Goliath is next seen in CAPTAIN AMERICA #308. Next annual: 1986.

Review: Okay story with some pretty good art doesn't really have much to it. Rhodey is brooding over whether he can prove himself as Iron Man and Erik Josten is agonizing over being a has-been. They meet and bash each other and that's that. All of the background details are wrapped up in Shellhead's regular title at this time; this could have been just another two-part story there. Okay is all there is.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Man Annual #7 Synopsis by T Vernon
At the HQ of the West Coast Avengers, Iron Man (Rhodey) is helping to move a heavy piece of machinery; when done, he takes off, brooding about how his fellow Avengers think he is the original Iron Man. Arriving back at Circuits Maximus, Rhodey and Tony Stark instantly quarrel and New Shellhead takes off again, this time brooding about how he wants to remain Iron Man. His radio picks up reports of an oil rig disaster and he heads out to the scene. There, he props up the collapsing leg of the rig, allowing the Coast Guard to evacuate the oil workers. Successful, he takes off once more, this time in a happy mood....
Former Power Man Erik Josten arrives at a shabby warehouse for a meeting with Dr. Karl Malus who asks for a rundown of the villain's history; Josten explains that he was a henchman of Baron Zemo, endowed with super-strength by the Enchantress, fought the Avengers, bopped around the MU for years, worked for Count Nefaria, lost most of his powers, was beaten up by various heroes, and is now here to regain his powers. Using Pym Particles, Malus gives Josten the power to grow into a giant. Naming himself Goliath, he immediately betrays Malus and takes off on his own, walking down the street exulting in the terror and destruction he causes. Iron Man arrives on the scene to do battle but finds Goliath too strong and swift to be easily defeated. The violent battle ends with the giant baddie catching, squeezing, and hurling Iron Man far away. Landing in the desert he rushes back to find the villain gone but citizens angry with him for failing....
Back at WCA HQ, Iron Man broods over his defeat and Hawkeye and Wonder Man persuade him to face the villain again with the team. With a special detector they track New Goliath to a motel where the villain grows rapidly into giant size and easily takes down Hawkeye and Wonder Man. Goliath heads to the hills to tear down the famous HOLLYWOOD sign but he is trailed by the trio of heroes who are going to try strategy instead of brute force. Iron Man unleashes sonic waves which drive the foe to madness; growing to 200 feet tall, he blacks out then falls unconscious. As he is taken away, Karl Malus ponders what could have been...and what next....

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Luke McDonnell
Luke McDonnell
Bob Sharen
Luke McDonnell (Cover Penciler)
Brian Garvey (Cover Inker)


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