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Marvel Team-Up #7: Review

Mar 1973
Gerry Conway, Ross Andru

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A Hitch in Time!

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3 stars

Marvel Team-Up #7 Review by (November 1, 2023)

Review: Odd tale makes very little sense. It starts off naturally with Peter Parker beating up some muggers but then Thor, of all people, shows up on a fire escape, of all places, and tries to lay some snarky wisdom on this mortal he thinks is a stranger. The story never really recovers from that intro. Then some trolls, who seem much better equipped than usual, show up and the two heroes split up and each encounters a Kryllk and Crystal. Some odd temporal stuff happens and, apparently realizing this is the last page, Watcher steps in to offer an incoherent explanation and sends the good guys home. A story that never takes off before it is brought to a grinding halt. A disappointment coming from this creative team.  

Comments: Story takes place while Thor is exiled from Asgard, which occurs in THOR #204-213. Sole appearance of Kryllk the Cruel. Avengers HQ holds three trapped characters: Iron Man, a woman (identified by Marvel Database as the Scarlet Witch), and someone who appears to be Fandral. Obscure reference: Spidey tells Thor to “Spin that magic hammer, Froggy,” a play on “Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy” from the children’s show ANDY’S GANG (1955-1960), strangely anticipating Thor's trasformation into a frog during Walt Simonson's run. 


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Team-Up #7 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara

Late one night, Peter Parker is out walking and comes across two men attacking a woman. Without taking the time to change into Spider-man, Pete beats up the two bad guys; when he approaches the woman, though, she runs off, saying she doesn’t want to get involved. He is annoyed and Thor, sitting on a fire escape above, makes a joking comment (not knowing who Peter is) which Pete also objects to. Thor advises Pete to let the matter pass but Pete again insults him, annoying Thor in return. Then the night sky turns white and the stars black; Thor spins his hammer around them so that the sudden change in the world does not affect them. When it stops Thor and Peter are the only color people in a negative world; the only people moving in a world frozen in time. Pete changes to Spider-Man just as a band of trolls arrives, also moving and rightly colored. The two heroes battle the trolls and Thor recognizes their leader Kryllk the Cruel, who boasts that Earth is a stepping stone for his conquest of Asgard. He shows them the Dark Crystal, which resembles a giant blue egg, the device which has stopped time. Thor tries to seize the villain but he and all of his warriors fade away….

Thor takes Spidey to Avengers headquarters where they find Iron Man and other equally immobilized. At Thor’s suggestion, Spidey uses the computers once he has figured out how to reverse the circuits. They see the traces of the crystal’s residue between Asgard and … As Thor has been exiled, he spins his hammer to send Spidey to the Golden Realm while he follows the villain to his lair….

Spidey finds Asgard is also frozen in time while Thor reaches a desolate planetoid near Jupiter. He hears the sound of machinery so he smashes his way underground where the enemy base is hidden. Thor clobbers a bunch of trolls but when he reaches for Kryllk, Thor finds his enemy is protected by the aura of the crystal which has filled his mind with dreams of conquering Asgard….

And in Asgard, Spider-Man also sees Kryllk standing with the Dark Crystal and surrounded by his troll army. Spidey fights his way through the baddies and punches Kryllk in the chest—and Kryllk standing before Thor feels it. Then the villain, his army, and the crystal all fade away. Thor and Spidey are now in the presence of the Watcher, who tells them that the Dark Crystal is his and stolen by Kryllk. When the baddie used it to stop time, he created a temporal echo which touched Earth and Asgard. Now Watcher sends Spidey and Thor back to Earth and ponders how Fate kept them free to save the Universe….

Ross Andru
Jim Mooney
Gil Kane (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Art Simek.


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Plus: Trolls.

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