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Marvel Universe #1: Review

Jun 1998
Roger Stern, Steve Epting

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The Spoils of War!

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4 stars

Marvel Universe #1 Review by (January 10, 2014)
Review: A standard Invaders tale with a time travel twist is enlivened by the late 90s Marvel style: big drawings filling the marginless pages, the deeper and richer computer-aided coloring made me feel more immersed in the story. Plus some nice guest shots: the Whizzer! Doctor Doom! The Dragon of Death! make this a pretty cool comic.

Comments: Part one of three. Bucky, Toro, Spitfire, and Union Jack 2 appear in the opening film but not in the subsequent story. Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders had their own comic book in the 1960s; this exploit took place in issues #2-4. The giant dragon ship was previously seen in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #5 (1941). The strange ring and shocking information mentioned in the synopsis related to Hydra.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Universe #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The InvadersCaptain America, the Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner—capture a German battleship. Film of this adventure is being viewed by the Nazi high command; Baron Strucker, aware that the Reich is doomed, leaves to return to his secret lab. He finds the Red Skull waiting for him, requesting samples of his chemical weapons; Strucker complies, of course. In the Atlantic, Subby intercepts and sinks a Nazi sub; the captain kills himself with poison from a strange ring. Cap breaks up a Nazi spy ring and discovers some shocking information. The Torch pursues a plane carrying Baron Strucker; it loses him when it shifts to supersonic speed. Further on, Strucker pilots his plane into the mouth of a giant sea dragon….

In Washington, two agents Bob Frank (secretly the Whizzer) and Will Fitzpatrick are investigating the Invaders: they question Betty Dean about Namor, Professor Horton on his creation the Human Torch, and General Phillips concerning Captain America. (Each session includes a recap of the hero’s origin.). Shortly thereafter, the three heroes are summoned by Frank and Fitzpatrick and briefed on an important mission. Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders of the Marine Corps invaded and destroyed an island base used by Strucker and Hydra. It was then discovered that Strucker was working toward an atomic bomb—and he is now working from a gigantic ship resembling a dragon (earlier captured by Cap and Bucky but stolen back by Hydra)….

Meanwhile aboard that dragon ship, Baron Strucker sits reading history books—from the later 20th century....

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Steve Epting
Al Williamson
Gloria Vasquez
Carlos Pacheco (Cover Penciler)
Cam Smith (Cover Inker)
Liquid! (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)
Red Skull
Red Skull

(Johann Shmidt)

(Golden Age)

Plus: Baron Strucker, Betty Dean, General Chester Phillips, Nazis.

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