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Punisher #220: Review

Jan 2018
Matthew Rosenberg, Guiu Vilanova

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Punisher: War Machine part 3

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4 stars

Punisher #220 Review by (January 19, 2018)
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Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Punisher #220 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Punisher has been sent by Nick Fury Jr to Chernaya to oppose the military dictatorship of General Petrov. Fury provided him with the War Machine armour to help him achieve his goal. Fury's agenda was that the regime was being supported by the local S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents who had gone rogue after SHIELD was disbanded (after Secret Empire).

3 Chernayan soldiers arrest a youth in need of 're-education'. His mother objects and a soldier threatens to shoot her. War Machine lands with a thud amongst them and demands to know where he can find Petrov. The soldiers disrespect him so he takes 1 for a high-speed ride in the sky. When he returns the unconscious man to the ground the other 2 have gone leaving the young man with his mother.

Punisher breaks the boy's handcuffs. As the mother goes to fetch food in thanks the youth tells Frank Castle he was being arrested for being gay. He leads Frank to the concentration camp where 'undesirables' are taken.

War Machine politely asks the guards to surrender. When they refuse he lobs missiles into the compound and forces open the gate. He kills all the guards who don't run away and frees the prisoners. But they tell him there are many more camps. So Punisher decides to liberate those too, as a way of attracting Petrov's attention.

A 2-page montage shows him doing just that.

He lands in another camp at night to find it apparently empty. But someone blasts him from behind. It's a SHIELD Agent in an allegedly superior version of the WM armour who tells him to surrender or leave the country. Castle refuses. The SHIELD guy runs rings round him and damages his arc reactor. But Punisher grabs his leg and climbs up the flying foe until he can gouge his eyes out through his transparent visor (1 of those supposed improvements).

They both land heavily and Frank finds himself with crippled armour surrounded by 4 more WM suits. After the obligatory surrender request they attack with repulsor fire. But Frank gets *his* repulsors back online and shoots back. Then he dives at 1 foe, breaks his visor and pulverises his face with repeated blows - ignoring shots to his back..

By now his suit has flight capability again and he takes off. The remaining 3 follow him. He can't escape so he does an emergency brake manoeuvre, smashing into 1 of them. The other 2 send missiles his way which hit, and War Machine plummets into water below. The enemy can't detect any power in his falling armour.

Guiu Vilanova
Guiu Vilanova
Lee Loughridge
Clayton Crain (Cover Penciler)
Clayton Crain (Cover Inker)
Clayton Crain (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Jake Thomas.


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