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Quasar #34: Review

May 1992
Mark Gruenwald, Rurik Tyler

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The Scorched Sun

Review & Comments

4 stars

Quasar #34 Review by (March 22, 2014)
Review: Some epic visuals and a jargon-heavy scientific explanation makes for one mind-boggling issue. Very cool! The epic as a whole? One of the best multi-comic crossovers, marked by a complex story, tight plotting, strong characterization, and consistent quality. And it actually tries to mean something in the end!

Comments: Part 17 of Operation Galactic Storm.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Quasar #34 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro


The cosmic being known as Her weaves an energy lattice across the stargate to prevent the Skrull ship from taking the Nega-Bomb into the Kree galaxy. Super-Skrull is dispatched to battle the lady hero but Quasar arrives to contain the villain. The cosmic hero stops the Skrull ship but discovers that the presence of the Nega-Bomb is causing dangerous sunspot activity. To prevent harm to the solar system, Quasar allows the Skrulls to take the Bomb through the stargate. But the sunspot activity only increases…..

On Earth, Kayla Ballantyne is attacked by the villain known as the Angler but a mystery force blasts him through the wall, startling Kayla….

Quasar contacts Epoch for help in anaylzing the sunspot threat. He finds Her in battle with Binary of the Starjammers and convices them that the universe is in danger. Epoch advises them to contain and remove the anti-matter so Quasar flies off to address the situation. Binary—Carol Danvers of Earth—aids him and they manage to eliminate the anti-matter threat but Binary almost dies in the process. Quasar rushes her to Avengers Mansion for medical help and takes off again in pursuit of the Nega-Bomb….

Continued in WONDER MAN #9

Rurik Tyler
Keith Williams
Paul Becton
Greg Capullo (Cover Penciler)
Harry Candelario (Cover Inker)
Paul Becton (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.


(Edwin Jarvis)

(Wendell Vaughn)

Plus: Binary (Carol Danvers), Epoch, Her, Kree, Shi’ar, Super-Skrull.

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