Quicksilver #10: Review

Aug 1998
?, Derec Aucoin

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Live Kree or Die! 3 of 4: Blue Moon

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4 stars

Quicksilver #10 Review by (October 21, 2019)

Review: Things are a-poppin’ in a nearly all-action issue where we finally learn what's at stake for the Earth. And according to Wanda, Pietro has learned leadership and responsibility from his adventures earlier in this series, though Hawkeye has his doubts. It's poor Carol Danvers who is the major screw-up among the heroes (and not Hawkeye for a change) so it's her character arc we're following and here's hoping she redeems herself in the conclusion. And I think Lockjaw is the most adorable animal in all of Marvel so it's nice to have him back for a guest shot. One odd question: who decided that the most exciting moment in the issue would be the leaping tiger-man in the High Evolutionary two-page interlude?

Comments: Arc title comes from the Revolutionary War slogan, “Live free or die,” now the New Hampshire state motto; story title comes from a song by Rogers and Hart, presumably the doo wop version by the Marcels. John Ostrander and Joe Edkin are credited as writers.


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Quicksilver #10 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Story continues from CAPTAIN AMERICA Vol. 3 #8.

While Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were trying to save Attilan from destruction (issues #4-6), the Kree renegades known as the Lunatic Legion crept in secretly and stole a container of mutagenic Terrigen Mists and made it out just as Black Bolt released a sonic blast....

Now Quicksilver has returned from his adventure with the High Evolutionary and the Knights of Wundagore (issues #8-9), arriving in the Quinjet at Avengers Mansion. But there's no time to rest, Scarlet Witch meets him to summarize the “Live Kree or Die” crossover thus far and Hawkeye is prepping the Space Quinjet to go to the moon. But Pietro knows a faster way: he summons Lockjaw who teleports them all to where Carol Danvers is....

At the Haven, the High Evolutionary prepares the Knights of Wundagore to fight to reclaim their home on Wundagore Mountain. He orders Sir Ram to contact Lord Delphis in Polemachus to tell him High E requires his aid and he sends Bova to bring White Tiger....

The Avengers trio (and the dog) arrives at the Blue Area on the moon to find it has been rebuilt; the Supreme Intelligence appears to them and fills them in on the matter at hand: the Lunatic Legion is using a stolen generator to power an Omni-Wave Projector which will be fired at Earth, filtered through the Terrigen Mists, and it will transform all genetically clean humans into Kree—and all those with mutated genes will die. And it is Carol Danvers' hybrid human/Kree DNA that will make all this possible. So Quicksilver dashes into the lab, lays out the guards, and rescues Carol but an alarm is triggered and Carol, suffering the withdrawal effects of the alcohol she drank in the last two issues (i.e. a hangover), must stay behind in safety. But Carol rebels and once Pietro is gone she locates a jar of Kree alcohol and drinks it, immediately turning into Warbird....

In the Omni-Wave Projector control room, Wanda and Hawkeye (with Lockjaw) attempt to hold off the Legion's members—and then Pietro arrives, disarms all of their foes and shoots at them with their own weapons. Lockjaw picks up the container of Terrigen Mists and the heroes run for it with Wanda summoning Wonder Man to hold off their pursuit. They head to the power station where Pietro easily clobbers all the guards but as they try to disable the generator, a drunken Warbird arrives and starts firing blasts at the incoming Kree soldiers—but because she is incapacitated she accidentally blasts Lockjaw. Carol blows up the generator but also tears a hole through the roof to the moon's surface, sucking out all of the air. Wanda is able to use a spell to hold it closed as Pietro rescues Carol and Lockjaw takes them all home. It turns out the giant doggie is not seriously injured. Pietro rebukes Carol for her impaired actions and she defends herself, claiming that she stopped the Kree....

Meanwhile, back on the moon, the Kree have repaired the hole in the dome, the amount of Terrigen Mist in the Projector is sufficient for their plans and with the generator destroyed, the Kree will use their lives to power the Projector so the human race will live Kree...or die....      

Story continues in AVENGERS vol. 3 #7.

Derec Aucoin
Rich Faber
Joe Rosas
Derec Aucoin (Cover Penciler)
Rich Faber (Cover Inker)
Mark McNabb (Cover Colorist)


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(Clint Barton)

(Pietro Maximoff)
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

(Wanda Maximoff)

Plus: Knights of Wundagore, Kree, Lockjaw, Lunatic Legion, Warbird (Carol Danvers).

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