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Secret Avengers #7: Review

Nov 2010
Ed Brubaker, Mike Deodato Jr.

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Eyes of the Dragon Part 2 of 5

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4.5 stars

Secret Avengers #7 Review by (May 3, 2014)
Comments: Issue is lacking creator credits. Beast is absent from this issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Secret Avengers #7 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At the Chinese art exhibit in Hong Kong, Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Shang-Chi are locked in furious battle with the Hai Dai ninjas. Shang is overpowered and carried off by the villains who escape in a flaying car. As they are about to spill Shang-Chi’s blood, Steve’s back-up plan appears. A tiny Ant Man emerges from Shang-Chi’s hair, grows to giant-size, and clobbers the baddies. In the fight the ship’s controls are destroyed and Ant-Man carries Shang-Chi to safety as the ship crashes in the bay….

Meanwhile, Prince of Orphans (John Aman) and Valkyrie are in a garden in a remote part of China, the rumored burial site of Shang-Chi’s father. They take out a small number of guards before they realize the villains have come and gone, and these ninja were just waiting to see if anyone was following….

Steve interrogates a captured Hai Dai, who responds only with a sinister warning….

At Shadow Council headquarters, an impatient Zheng Zu confronts Director Thorndrake about capturing his son Shang-Chi because there are only two days left to complete "the ritual." Thorndrake dispatches his two best men: Max Fury and John Steele….

Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Deodato Jr.
Rain Beredo
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Inker)


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(Eric O'Grady)
Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)



Plus: Aloysius Thorndrake, John Steele, Max Fury, Prince of Orphans (John Aman), Shadow Council, Zheng Zu (Fu Manchu).

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