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Skaar: Son Of Hulk #1: Review

Jun 2008
Greg Pak, Ron Garney

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Cradle of Fire

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3 stars

Skaar: Son Of Hulk #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Two variant covers: By Carlo Pagulayan and by Vallejo.


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Skaar: Son Of Hulk #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
In this first story, we see how the son of the Incredible Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong actually survived the blast that obliterated planet Sakaar's Crown City and its surroundings. Seemingly guided and protected by his mother's spirit, Skaar, as he names himself, is a very strong kid who grows quickly and learns how to survive in his savage and dangerous planet.

A year later, and having the body structure of a youngster in his early-teens already, Skaar and his group of pinky and shadow people fugitives are badly attacked by General Axeman Bone and his army. Axeman is able to destroys Skaar's stone body into pieces. However, as the cannibal soldiers are about to cook the survivors, a larger, more muscular Skaar comes to their rescue!

Ron Garney
Paul Mounts
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)


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(Caiera The Oldstrong)

(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Axeman Bone.

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