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The Mighty Thor #14: Review

Dec 2016
Jason Aaron, Steve Epting

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Ljosalfgard's Burning

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4 stars

The Mighty Thor #14 Review by (January 2, 2017)
Comments: Origin of the new Kurse; Lady Waziria was a Dark Elf sorceress, a member of the original League of Realms. The original League appeared in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #13-17. Oddity: Everyone refers to the new Kurse as female but her armor does not reveal her sex and Malekith did not mention it at the end of the last issue; so how do they know she is female?

Review: A dark and grim issue, full of action and funny dialogue—and I've just noticed that Sif, Angela, and Roz all have the same sense of humor. Jane probably would too if she weren't so unsure of herself. Several nice touches in this issue, including Loki's growing disgust with his ally and the role of Kurse being a curse to those who fill it. And in the end, Thor comforts Aelsa in the same manner that Jane spoke to a cancer patient at the beginning of issue #13.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The Mighty Thor #14 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Earlier: Malekith and his Dark Elves head to Nastrond Prison in Niffleheim where they send Algrim the Strong, better known as Kurse, into captivity and free Lady Waziria, whom the villain transforms into a new Kurse....

Now Thor and the League of Realms are attempting to rescue Alfheim and its Queen from Malekith and Thor is taking a beating from the huge new Kurse. Others of the party pursue Loki and the Queen. Overhead, Roz Solomon in her flying car is attacked by a giant bat; Angela comes to her rescue and together they join the battle. Kurse overpowers Thor...and asks the Goddess of Thunder to kill her....

Malekith takes Queen Aelsa to the highest tower in the palace, where he reveals that he never wanted to rule her realm but to pillage it. That accomplished he ignites the stores of oil planted around the city to burn it to the ground. He then kisses Aelsa goodbye, burning her mouth, and he hurls her from the tower. None of the League is close enough to go to her aid—but Thor hurls Mjolnir and it catches her out of the air and drops her safely in a fountain. Thor, backed by the League of Realms, shouts her defiance at the villains. Malekith takes Loki and his warriors through the Black Bifrost and away. Thor summons rain to extinguish the burning city and tries to comfort Queen Aelsa with a promise of aid and support....

Steve Epting
Steve Epting
Frank Martin
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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