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The Mighty Thor #11: Review

Sep 2016
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman

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Thor's Best Friend

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4 stars

The Mighty Thor #11 Review by (September 26, 2016)
Comments: Agents Kurdle and Krill also suspect Daredevil is a blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen; .

Review: Very satisfying and amusing wrap-up to the story arc, though Agents Kurdle and Krill were so cartoony that they didn't fit into the series well. But if we overlooked Jason Aaron's trek to the dark and gritty side with his previous God Butcher arc, we can more easily forgive him for being just a bit too comical. And we shall see where he goes with the origin of Mjolnir in the next issue. Hope it's a lot of fun as well.


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The Mighty Thor #11 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The standoff between SHIELD and the bad guys on Roxxon Island has been halted by Dr. Jane Foster arriving to save Thor's life; Agents Kurdle and Krill are stunned that their guess about her identity was wrong. Picking up the directions from Thor's mind, “Jane” operates and removes the irradiated bullet. At this point the “Agger Imperative” is activated and the entire island begins free fall toward Manhattan. Roz Solomon hustles “Jane” into the flying car while SHIELD evacuates everyone onto the Helicarrier. The irradiated bullet is dropped and Roxxon Island starts turning into gold. Thor, her full powers restored, stops the island's plummet and sends it into space...

On the ground, Dario Agger, Exterminatrix, and Silver Samurai are placed under arrest by SHIELD, with Roxxon's army of lawyers already on the scene. Agents Kurdle and Krill apologize to “Jane” for their suspicions. When everyone is gone, Thor asks “Jane” for an explanation, one that she wants Roz to hear as well. The duplicate Jane Foster is revealed to be Mjolnir which raises a lot more questions than it answers....

Russell Dauterman
Russell Dauterman
Matthew Wilson
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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