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The Mighty Thor #703: Review

Jan 2018
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman

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The Fall of Asgard

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5 stars

The Mighty Thor #703 Review by (January 17, 2018)

Comments: Bannered “Marvel Legacy: The Death of the Mighty Thor.” Issue features a “Where is Wolverine?” medal on the cover, plus its special feature at the end of the issue.

Review: Well, the stakes are clear for Jane: sacrifice herself to save Asgard, or sacrifice Asgard to save herself. And we can already guess her decision—seeing as the story arc is not called “The Death of Asgardia.” The story is very moving, poignant even, and another call-out to Russell Dauterman for his exquisite art, matching the magic of Asgard and the grim realities of a Midgard hospital. And Odin was wishing to say something to his son before the Mangog arrived and I hope he gets the chance to say it later. Odin and Thor have a terrible father-son track record.  


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The Mighty Thor #703 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from The Mighty Thor #703

Just a few short days ago, Jane Foster was riding over the city of New York with Roz Solomon in Roz's SHIELD flying car. Roz was trying to persuade Jane to give up being Thor and to concentrate on beating cancer, but Jane would not. Then Jane is spirited away.... The Falcon (Sam Wilson) tries to contact Jane to see how she's doing.... Dr Strange, now a veterinarian, sends her a message while battling a Hexopus in a dumpster....

Now: Jane wakes up in an Earth hospital, having been rushed there by Thor Odinson. She finds Roz, Sam, and Dr Strange there too. They are gathered to persuade her to concentrate on her health as Asgard can do without her....

Asgard, meanwhile, is under attack by the Mangog. Heimdall attacks the creature, which uses the guardian's broken sword to gouge his eyes out. Cul (the Serpent) orders his men to use Bifrost to transport Mangog out of there but the monster smashes the Rainbow Bridge to pieces and now faces the army of Asgard....

Dr Strange performs a medical and magical examination on Jane and tells her that her cancer originally had a good prognosis. It was becoming Thor which changed everything. Now when she transforms into Thor, the chemotherapy drugs are purged from her system, allowing the cancer to spread. Now Strange warns her that transforming into Thor one more time would kill her when she returns. Mjolnir then appears in the window to summon her to battle the Mangog....

In Asgardia, All-Mother Freyja chooses to enter the Destroyer with her mind, even though that has become dangerous for anyone who does it too long. She faces the monster and attacks....

Thor Odinson tries to chase Mjolnir away but is pushes everyone in the room away from Jane. Strange warns her that with one more transformation, Jane Foster will die. Roz realizes it must be Jane's decision. Jane reaches out...

Mangog bites the Destroyer's arm off and hurls the rest away. The monster then calls out Odin....

...and Jane withdraws her hand, climbing back into bed. She calls the others soldiers in the War of the Realms and asks that they not let their side lose....

Odin awaits the Mangog but suddenly the Odinson stands by him to face the monster together....

Epilogue: Wolverine stops by the hospital late at night to leave flowers for Jane.  

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Russell Dauterman
Russell Dauterman
Matthew Wilson
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Roz Solomon.

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