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The Mighty Thor #704: Review

Feb 2018
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman

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The Gospel According to Jane

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4.5 stars

The Mighty Thor #704 Review by (February 21, 2018)

Comments: Bannered “Marvel Legacy: The Death of the Mighty Thor.” Loki stabbed Freyja in the back in MIGHTY THOR (2015 series) #5.

Review: What we have here is an exposition of the bitterness growing in Jane Foster through her life, instilled in her by frequent losses and lack of anything to comfort her. We never suspected anything like this from Jane during her first four decades in the comics as a competent nurse, pining away for love of Thor so in retrospect these scenes (with those of the last couple of years) flesh out the character as never before. But it's the lack of any meaning in her life that compels her to sacrifice all for Asgardia even though the gods of Asgard aren't worth the trouble. You know, Jason Aaron may have done too good a job of denouncing the gods in his tenure so that I really don't care if Thor's side wins. And am I the first one to notice that he doesn't seem to like most of the characters in this series? When Jane Thor dies, what will happen to the comic, now that here are no real heroes any more, just a bunch of sad and pathetic deities who don't deserve their human worshipers? Okay, there's my goal for the upcoming issues: find someone in Asgardia to care about....


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The Mighty Thor #704 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from The Mighty Thor #704

Jane Foster thinks back many years to when she watched her own mother die from cancer; Mom advised her to find a god to believe in, to give her comfort. Now the dying Jane is aware that she never found a god like that and has only herself to rely on....

In Asgardia, Mangog is brutally beating Thor Odinson and Odin himself, mocking them all the while. Odinson dispatches his remaining goat Toothgrinder to fight the monster who dashes the Throne on the All-Father's head. This only encourages Odin to stand up and fight back....

Again, Jane thinks back to her father's death from a heart ailment. Dr Don Blake tried to comfort her but, alone, she just wanted to say goodbye to him. In her hospital bed, Jane says goodbye to Dr Strange and Falcon, who return to their own lives. Roz Solomon tells Jane that Thor Odinson will be back soon. Meanwhile, he has stationed his dog Thori to guard Jane's room from any hammers. Jane rests in the silence....

As Freyja surveys the battle scene, wondering what can stop Mangog, Loki appears beside her, suggesting she flee. She strikes him, still bitter over being stabbed in the back by him; he tries to explain that it was the only way he could keep Malekith from killing her. She isn't buying it. He tells her that nothing will stop Asgard from falling that day and departs....

Mangog again brutally beats Thor and Odin, then he seizes the controls that pilot Asgardia and sends the city heading straight into the sun, to destroy the city once he has killed them all....

Jane recalls the day that her ex-husband and son were killed in an auto accident and how she berated Thor for having done nothing to save them. She looked for a god to believe in, and learned that the gods don't believe in humanity....

Jane goes to the room of her friend Bonnie, likewise a terminal cancer patient. They encourage one another and Bonnie asks Jane to pray with her....

Mangog continues to mock the gods while holding Thor, Odin, and Freyja in a death grip....

Jane overhears Roz calling Alpha Flight to warn them that something is wrong on Asgardia. When she learns that Asgardia is on a path to meet the sun, she places a hasty call to the Avengers. With Strange's words echoing in her ears that one more transformation will mean the death of Jane Foster, she reaches out to touch the waiting Mjolnir...

...and now the Mighty Thor is facing Mangog....

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Russell Dauterman
Russell Dauterman
Matthew Wilson
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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