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Thor #10: Review

Sep 2008
J. Michael Straczynski, Olivier Coipel

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4 stars

Thor #10 Review by (September 19, 2012)
Review: What is Loki up to? He has some sneaky purpose which will not be revealed until issue #600 (which, I assure you, is only three issues away despite the numbering). JMS manages to make even such a drawn-out saga suspenseful. It took a while to get used to the rugged stocky Thor (longer than it was for the female Loki) but everything about Coipel’s art is great (especially the comical scenes of the horn shaking Broxton). I like this series more than I thought I would.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #10 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Loki informs Balder of the truth of his parentage, relating how Odin visited the hero’s mother after a victory feast and when the boy was born he was troubled by portents. For thirteen days and nights Odin rode into the wilderness to the grave of a deceased prophetess. There he gave her of his blood to drink (thus making her the ancestress of all vampires) and she spoke a prophecy of Balder’s destiny. His death at the beginning of Ragnarok would herald the death of all gods but Balder would be reborn to carry on Odin’s line; if he were to die before that apocalypse, he would not return and Odin’s lineage would be broken for all time. So to prevent a premature death for Balder, the All-Father concealed the truth of his parentage so as not to attract the notice of Odin’s enemies. Loki then goads Balder into confronting Thor as to the reason he was not told after Ragnarok….

In Broxton, Bill Junior is lost in his memories of his romantic encounter with the Lady Kelda. His pal Kyle warns him that no happiness can come from mixing with gods but his father advises him to follow his heart….

Thor confirms Loki’s tale for Balder and explains again that it was to keep him safe from harm. But why did not Thor tell him after the threat of Ragnarok had passed and the Thunder God can only say that the longer it took to tell him the harder it became. Loki then offers the slyly reasonable suggestion that Balder be publicly acknowledged and celebrated. Broxton is soon shaken by the sound of a horn summoning all the Aesir to the throne room for the coronation. Behind a curtain, a suspicious Balder tells Loki he is giving him the benefit of the doubt—and not to abuse that privilege. Loki mock-humbly offers his services as the new prince’s advisor. Miles away a child is looking into Asgard though a telescope and sees the grinning Loki looking back at him—and he is terrified….

Olivier Coipel
Allen Martinez
Laura Martin
Olivier Coipel (Cover Penciler)
Mark Morales (Cover Inker)
Laura Martin (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.


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(Balder the Brave)

(Loki Laufeyson)


Plus: Bill Junior.

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