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Thor #253: Review

Nov 1976
Len Wein, Tony De Zuniga

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Chaos in the Kingdom of the Trolls

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3 stars

Thor #253 Review by (September 24, 2014)
Review: Thor teaming with enemy Ulik is new but there is still a twist in the tail as the hero is humiliated for his heroism. The second tale is fun and benfits greatly from dynamic art by Pablo Marcos.

Comments: 1) Part two of a two-part story. 2) Also part two of a two-part story. The Storm Giant has the powers of Antaeus, a giant from Greek mythology slain by Hercules.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #253 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Thor, plunging into the ocean of fire, saves himself by flying out by means of Mjolnir. Meanwhile, Ulik slays the dragon and seizes the Ruby Eye. He and Thor continue the battle on the bridge until it crumbles beneath them; they escape but Thor ends up with the gem. Ulik explains why he needs the Eye so urgently: while mining, the Trolls broke through into another world where they were attacked by a monster called Trogg; they were able to erect a barricade to keep it out but only with the Eye can they make it permanent. Thor decides that Ulik’s need is more pressing and returns with him to the Troll kingdom, where Ulik must intercede for his unlikely ally with King Geirrodur. Just in time because Trogg, a gangly pale-skinned giant, breaks through the barricade and gives them battle. Finally, Ulik uses a giant log to push Trogg back through the portal and shames Thor into using the Ruby Eye to seal the portal. As Thor leaves the Trolls, including Ulik, mock him for sacrificing his people to save them….

Story #2

The Weapon and the Warrior! [Part two]

Writer: David Kraft. Penciler: Pablo Marcos. Inker: Pablo Marcos. Colorist: Glynis Wein.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Young Thor is trapped in a hole as a Storm Giant prepares to smash him with a rock. Instead, Thor smashes the rock and recalls Mjolnir to him to break free. The two antagonists continue their combat until Thor realizes that his opponent draws his strength from contact with the ground. Thor lifts the giant and pummels him but the fight turns into a standoff. The two stare at each other…then burst out laughing. They thank one another for the fun and part, Thor having learned a lesson about using his mind rather than strength.

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Tony De Zuniga
Tony De Zuniga
Marie Severin
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
John Romita (Cover Penciler)
John Romita (Cover Inker)


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Plus: Geirrodur, Storm Giants, Trolls.

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