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Thor #293: Review

Mar 1980
Roy Thomas, Chic Stone

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The Twilight of SOME Gods!

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4.5 stars

Thor #293 Review by (September 2, 2019)

Review: It's not just us: Thor also wants to know how to unravel some continuity issues—but the big bad eye will only answer the one he asked first. And so we move back in a travelogue of Thor's career in an issue without much of a plot yet not quite a clip show, heading for a major last-page reveal. And what an unexpected last page reveal! We're used to Doctor Doom showing up but Jesus? This comic may actually be about to do something completely original! Can't miss the next issue!

Comments: Part eleven of the Eternals Saga which spans issues #283-301. List of characters seen in this issue is way too long to include. Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio are credited with supplying “some multiversal bon mots.”


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #293 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Thor confronts the Eye of Odin, which offers to answer one question and one only; Thor asks what Odin meant when he said he had slain his son once and would not do it again. The Eye agrees to tell him—but warns he will never be the same afterward....  As Thor surrenders his will to the Eye, the divine orb needs him to relive his own life, starting with the false Ragnarok (#274-278). He then proceeds backwards through his career with Sif, through the time when Jane Foster held Sif's life-force, through a gallery of his familiar enemies and his adventures with the Avengers, backward to when Don Blake found the stick and was first transformed into Thor, the time before Don Blake and his mighty acts as a prince of Asgard, his childhood back to his birth. Then the Eye reveals to him a giant locked door in his memory, concealing secrets inherited from the mind of the All-Father. Thor mentally breaks the lock and overpowers the colossus guarding the portal. And stepping through Thor sees...

...Ragnarok—but one featuring gods and monsters he has never known. This is the Asgard of Earthly legends. The Thunder God sees this Balder die by a wicked scheme of Loki's, touching off the final battle. Odin is killed by Fenris Wolf, in turn slain by Odin's son Vidar. Heimdall and Loki deal one another fatal blows. Thor kills the Midgard Serpent but succumbs to its poison. All of the nether realms are burned by the demon Surt and only a small number of Aesir who survived the battle, led by Balder, returned from the dead, to start anew. Thor demands to know when this earlier Ragnarok all happened and what it has to do with his father's treachery. And the Eye of Odin shows him when: the burning realms shone as a star above Bethlehem two thousand years ago: the star shining over the stable in which Jesus Christ was born....

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Chic Stone
Chic Stone
Carl Gafford
Keith Pollard (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Keith Pollard. Letterer: Joe Rosen.


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Plus: Eye of Odin.

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